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Luxe Quality is your reliable partner in the field of marketing, aimed at achieving effective promotion strategies.

How is Luxe Quality doing with that?

Learn about Luxe Quality's software testing and quality control activities for marketing projects. Here are some key metrics:
10 000+ hours

Total number of working hours

6 projects

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2.3 years

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Boost Your Success With Quality Assurance Services

How software testing of marketing project will enhance it quality:
The product's quality directly affects the company's reputation and brand. If the product meets customer requirements, it can lead to positive reviews and gain trust.
QA services for marketing can help identify the effectiveness of various features, which will help the marketing company focus all its efforts on developing the most valuable functions.
Software testing services for marketing apps help companies increase their market competitiveness. 

Our cases

Photo Blue Receipt site

Blue Receipt


Country: USA

Platforms: Web, Mobile

Implementation time: May 2021 - Feb 2022

About project: BlueReceipt is an IT company specializing in SMS marketing automation for E-Commerce brands.

  • Regression, Functional, E2E Automated testing;
  • Security and Usability Manual testing.
Technologies: JavaScript, WebdriverIO, Postman, Burp Suite, GitHub Actions, Allure Reporter, OpenAPI, CircleCI, AWS S3, GTM and Qase.
Result: 150 tests were automated, and the duration of each test was reduced to only 2 minutes, significantly increasing the speed and efficiency of testing for the client.
Photo site


Country: Germany

Platforms: Web

Implementation time: Nov 2021 – Jan 2022

About project: offers digital advertising optimization. For them, Luxe Quality provided a QA specialized in automated testing of marketing applications to support new features and identify issues.

  • Manual, Functional, Automation, Usability, Performance testing;
  • Automation testing: JS + TestimIO
Technologies: JavaScript with TestimIO.
Result: During active cooperation 648 + test cases, including almost 2592 + tests.
Photo Media marketplace site

Media marketplace


Country: Singapore

Platforms: Web

Implementation time: Aug 2021 - present

About project: It is one of the world's leading Microstock marketplaces for digital advertising video makers worldwide.

  • Manual Functional, Usability, Accessibility and Regression testing;
  • Automated E2E and API testing.
Technologies: JavaScript, WebdriverIO, Postman, Burp Suite, GitHub Actions, Allure Reporter, OpenAPI, CircleCI, AWS S3, GTM and Qase.
Result: 2000 E2E automation tests + 1700 E2E API tests, test coverage increased to almost 90%.

Features of the field of marketing

Testing in the marketing field, there are unique traits that need careful attention and a specific approach. Let's examine a couple of these.
Different Platforms
Marketing often uses different platforms to post ads and different content. For example, PCs, laptops, tablets, smartwatches, and phones of different models.

Fast and convenient user flow is essential for marketing. The company cannot afford to lose a client due to unclear functionality or bugs in the system. Therefore, LQ will ensure the product will work as expected on each platform so the client can quickly get what he needs.
Different Platforms icon
Data Analysis & A/B Testing
Data analysis and A/B testing are fundamental steps for marketing products. They help determine the effectiveness of advertising campaigns and make appropriate adjustments to achieve better results.

We will help you include checking the correctness of the experimental setup, data collection, and analysis of the results.
Data Analysis & A/B Testing icon
Specific Tools
Various tools are used in the field of marketing, such as mailing systems, CRM systems, content management systems, etc.

Each tool has its features of operation and integration into the system. Testing the interaction of parts, API, using randomized data, etc., is essential.

Based on the company's diverse experience, we managed to choose the most suitable approaches and tools, find the necessary libraries, and determine the frequency of test updates for maximum testing quality.
Specific Tools icon


Work on any project, especially in digital marketing with software testing, begins with defining the scope of the required work and a list of actions. We have prepared a general description of the steps when working on a project in this field.
workflow image

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Marketing Software?

Marketing software is designed to help businesses and marketers effectively manage their marketing strategies. Using it, you can simplify many different processes, such as creating and managing advertising campaigns, analyzing data, and, most importantly, interacting with customers.

Why is the QA process needed for Marketing projects?

A fast and convenient user flow is essential for marketing. The company cannot afford to lose a client due to unclear functionality or bugs in the system. Therefore, testers ensure that the product will work properly on every platform, so the customer can quickly get what they need. Testers also work to verify requirements and adjust development processes to increase efficiency, speed, and cost savings.

How do I start Software Testing in Marketing?

We suggest choosing a company to hire a testing specialist. The first steps will be determining the testing goals, choosing the object for its implementation, and prioritizing the types of tests. After that, create test scenarios and set their frequency.

What Test results can be expected after Automated Testing of Marketing Applications?

Results include identified bugs, suggestions for improvements to the user experience, feedback on functionality, and a positive impact on the success of the marketing project.

What risks may arise from poor Quality Assurance for Marketing Applications? 

Inadequate testing of marketing projects can negatively affect the user experience, causing errors and flaws to be discovered after launch. This, in turn, can lead to a loss of customer confidence, a decrease in loyalty, and a negative impact on the company's financial condition due to possible losses and lost opportunities. Since even minor defects can affect the quality of the product, it can affect the bottom line, requiring additional time and resources to fix the many problems after the release.