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Our company provides automated software testing services to help you improve your software development process and deliver high-quality software products faster.

40 hours of free testing

Luxe Quality has a special offer tailored for potential long-term customers who are interested in starting a pilot project. We are offering our software testing services for free for the first 40 hours.
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Customer Service
Our goal is to work collaboratively with you to ensure that your software testing needs are met, and your expectations are exceeded.
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Powerful Capabilities
We provide complimentary access to all the necessary tools and documentation for software testing, without any additional charges.
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Experienced Team
Our team comprises of test engineers who possess the skills and experience that are best suited for your project needs.
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Expert Analysis
We use a tailored approach to select the best tools and testing methodologies to meet your specific requirements and ensure high-quality outcomes.
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Complete Control
Our bug tracking system provides you with visibility into the testing progress, allowing you to stay informed about the status of reported bugs.
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Extensive Testing
We conduct rigorous testing at every stage of development to ensure that the final product is reliable, efficient, and meets your expectations.

Who May Apply For The 40 Hours Trial Period?

Customers with one or more projects, expected work-load of which is more than 100 man-hours, are welcome to order 40 hours of free testing.
hours of free testing can be spent on:
Testing a single website or mobile application. This is ideal for clients who have multiple small projects that require testing.
Testing specific parts or aspects of their application during the trial period. This option is better suited for clients who have a large, complex project that requires thorough testing.
Any software testing task that takes up to 40 man-hours. This offers clients the flexibility to choose the type of testing that best suits their needs.

The primary goal of the trial period is to demonstrate to prospects that our company offers top-notch software testing services, guaranteeing high quality for their software products.

Additionally, the trial period provides clients with a cost-saving opportunity, allowing them to save up to 20% on software testing expenses. This serves as an excellent starting point for a long and successful partnership that benefits both parties.

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