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Blockchain Testing Services

Maximize your blockchain project's capabilities with our extensive blockchain testing services.
From verifying smart contracts to conducting comprehensive security and performance assessments, at Luxe Quality, we are committed to securing its stable and seamless operation.
Our aim is not just to meet the current standards but to predict future challenges, ensuring your project is successful and resilient.
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Blockchain Project Types

Cryptocurrency Wallets

Cryptocurrency wallets are tools of the digital world that assist in the storage, management, and movement of cryptocurrencies for users. They are tools that facilitate using cryptocurrencies without any problems.

Smart Contract Platforms

These are not just for building and running smart contracts; they lead the way in automating blockchain. Smart contracts automatically perform their tasks when certain conditions are met according to their coded rules.

Blockchain Protocols

These protocols define the basic rules that govern the operation of a blockchain network. They describe the network structure, how transactions occur, and how new blocks are created.

Decentralized Applications (DApps)

Unlike traditional applications, DApps are run on multiple computers, making them a fortress of security. Their open-source nature ensures transparency, and their use cases span from finance to social media, gaming, and more.

Development Platforms

These platforms provide tools and working space for building blockchain applications. They usually come with an integrated development environment (IDE), libraries, and frameworks to facilitate development with blockchain.

Payment Solutions

Blockchain-based payment methods have emerged to offer a faster and safer way of conducting traditional payments. They reduce transaction costs and extend banking services worldwide, making them accessible even to those without bank accounts.

What Needs To Be Tested In Blockchain Projects

  • Transaction processes for accuracy and efficiency
  • Smart contract integrity and security
  • Consensus mechanisms for reliability and performance
  • Node and network communication integrity
  • Wallet functionality, security, and user experience
  • Types Of Blockchain Testing Services

    Smart Contract Testing

    Validates the accuracy and security of smart contract logic and transactions.

    Security Testing

    Pinpoints vulnerabilities within the blockchain to fortify against attacks.

    Performance Testing

    Evaluate system behavior under various loads to guarantee scalability.

    API Testing

    Ensures APIs interact flawlessly with the blockchain, facilitating smooth operations.

    Node Testing

    Independently tests each node on the network for critical aspects such as node synchronization, peer discovery, and data consistency.

    Integration and Compatibility Testing

    Assures seamless integration with other systems and consistency across diverse platforms.

    E2E Testing

    Evaluate the blockchain application's flow from start to finish to ensure all components function together as expected.

    Results from Blockchain Testing Services

    Learn about Luxe Quality's enterprise software testing services. Here are some key metrics:
    Enhanced Security
    Identifies and rectifies vulnerabilities, shielding against threats.
    Smart Contract Functionality
    This ensures smart contracts operate correctly regardless of user actions, maintaining consistent performance and preventing errors.
    Regulatory Compliance
    Ensures the project aligns with all relevant regulations, avoiding legal pitfalls.
    Optimized Performance
    Guarantees the system efficiently handles expected transaction loads, enhancing user experience.
    Improved Scalability
    Validates that the blockchain can grow and adapt to increasing demands without compromising performance.

    Our Approach


    Requirement Analysis

    Define testing scope based on project needs.

    Test Planning

    Develop a strategic approach detailing methodologies and tools.

    Test Case Development

    Construct targeted test scenarios for comprehensive coverage.

    Test Execution

    Implement tests and log any issues.

    Result Analysis And Recommendations

    Offer insights and actionable improvements.

    Change Implementation Support

    Assist in applying test feedback.

    Our Technology Stack For Blockchain Testing

    Truffle icon


    Truffle is the most popular framework for writing automated JavaScript, TypeScript, and Solidity tests. It focuses on developing Ethereum-based distributed applications and smart contract testing.
    BitcoinJ icon


    BitcoinJ library is a Java implementation that facilitates the Bitcoin protocol. This allows users to manage a wallet and conduct transactions directly, eliminating the need for a local Bitcoin Core installation.
    Exonum Testkit icon

    Exonum Testkit

    Exonum Testkit is utilized to test the entire functionality of blockchain applications, allowing for API and transaction testing without needing a consensus algorithm or network connection.
    Ganache icon


    Ganache is an Ethereum technology tool that facilitates the creation of a private Ethereum blockchain for secure and deterministic environments throughout the development cycle. It is especially useful for smart contract testing.
    Hyperledger Fabric icon

    Hyperledger Fabric

    Hyperledger Fabric modular platform offers easily interchangeable components like consensus and membership services. The platform is tailored for diverse industry needs and emphasizes scalable, private consensus mechanisms.

    Case Studies



    Photo MindFit site






    Implementation time:

    Oct 2022 - present

    About project:

    MindFit is a healthcare company dedicated to enhancing mental fitness alongside physical health. Integrating innovative mental training techniques with traditional fitness routines, designs personalized programs to strengthen cognitive abilities, reduce stress, and improve overall mental well-being.


    Manual and Automation. Regression testing, UI/UX, Smoke, Cross-browser testing  

    Automated testing TypeScript + Playwright 


    220 tests were performed, more than 60 were automated, 30+ bug reports



    Resilience Lab

    Photo Resilience Lab site



    Resilience Lab



    Implementation time:

    Jul 2022 - Present

    About project:

    In the rapidly growing field of health-tech startups, Resilience Lab stands out as a company dedicated to improving access to psychological care.


    Regression, Functional Manual testing;

    Automation Functional Testing TypeScript + WebdriverIO, API Testing.


    330 test cases were created, over 300 have been automated.




    Photo QPilot site






    Implementation time:

    April 2023 - Present

    About project:

    QPilot is a company that develops solutions for automated and planned procurement of goods and services.


    Manual, Automated, API, Regression, UI/UX and Load testing;

    Automated testing - JavaScript and Playwright.


    Tests cover 95% of the functionality, 8 bug reports are created, helping developers to quickly fix identified issues. API and UI testing are performed to ensure system integrity and meet requirements.



    Client’s feedback

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    Testing is paramount for blockchain projects as it fortifies the project's foundational aspects: 
    • Enhancing its security protocols to protect against malicious attacks.
    • Bolstering reliability to ensure consistent and accurate transaction handling.
    • Optimizing performance for scalability.
    The duration of the testing phase is inherently variable, intricately tied to the project's complexity, the depth of functionalities involved, and the specific objectives outlined. Our initial phase involves establishing clear, realistic timelines and aligning with your project milestones to guarantee an efficient and exhaustive testing process, minimizing disruptions while maximizing quality assurance.
    Absolutely. We recognize each blockchain project's unique nature and specific pain points, so we offer customized testing services to address and mitigate your project's challenges.
    To guarantee comprehensive testing coverage, we meticulously craft detailed test cases designed to probe every conceivable scenario your blockchain project might encounter.
    If we find any weak spots or security issues while testing, we'll put together a detailed report on these problems with clear advice on how to fix them.