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Mobile Application Testing Services

Do you want your users to have flawless and high-quality products at their fingertips? Our company provides mobile application testing services for both Android and iOS applications. The demand for mobile applications is increasing every day. To ensure that your app is functional, reliable, and user-friendly, Luxe Quality has 3 magic words for you – mobile application testing.

Types of Mobile Testing We Provide

Always test your mobile applications for functionality and seamless user experience. Our mobile QA engineers help clients identify bugs and issues to improve product accessibility and your brand reputation. 
Usability Mobile Testing icon
Usability Mobile Testing
Usability testing targets top-notch user experience. On average, a person spends about 5 hours daily on mobile applications. Therefore, the competition among mobile applications is very high, and an application with low usability is rarely used again. Our mobile app testing services will help you with this.
Performance Mobile Testing icon
Performance Mobile Testing
Mobile applications need to be fast and responsive. Performance mobile app testing: load, stress, and endurance testing – guarantees that the application remains stable even under heavy usage or adverse conditions.
Functional Mobile Testing icon
Functional Mobile Testing
Every application should meet its users’ needs. Functional mobile app testing, as the main part of any testing process, will help you to achieve this goal. Our team seeks to establish whether each application feature meets the software requirements.
Security Mobile Testing icon
Security Mobile Testing
Security mobile testing is all about protecting user data. QA engineers help to secure user data, comply with industry regulations, maintain user trust, and protect their information from threats. Luxe Quality knows how crucial security mobile testing service is since it helps to keep user trust in your app.
Manual Mobile Testing icon
Manual Mobile Testing
Manual mobile tests check the application's functionality, usability, and compatibility on different devices and platforms. Luxe Quality QA engineers perform mobile app testing services to identify issues with the application's user interface, navigation, and other functions and features.
Automation Mobile Testing icon
Automation Mobile Testing
Efficiency, speed, and accuracy – all this characterizes automated mobile app testing. QA testers use automation tools to test the mobile application's functionality, performance, and security. Automation testing minimizes testing time, keeps stable test coverage, and identifies defects more precisely.
Compatibility Testing icon
Compatibility Testing
While some users are creatures of habit, others like to switch up their games and devices. QA testers are here to ensure that mobile apps give a seamless user experience on any compatible device. Besides, this type of mobile software testing can also detect if the product has the best reach to inclusivity.

Types Of Mobile Applications

Mobile Native Apps image

Mobile Native Apps

Mobile applications are the biggest human time-eater in the 21st century. Our team of QA engineers cherishes an excellent user experience. A wide range of tests, including functionality, usability, performance, and security, ensure that your final app checks all the boxes of a quality product before the world sees it. 
Mobile Web Apps image

Mobile Web Apps

Any app should run smoothly under any circumstances to be competitive in the market. As for web apps, it must be taken into account that a mobile web application is usually ported from a similar desktop application. Therefore, cross-platform testing is very important to ensure that the mobile version retains all the functionality of the full-size version.

Our Mobile Testing Approach

Strict procedure and team’s approach help Luxe Quality deliver excellent mobile app testing services.

Understanding The Requirements

Every project starts with an in-depth look at requirements. We collaborate with the development team to grasp the demands and lay out a clear project goal. It helps us choose the best testing techniques.

Planning The Process

The strategy of our mobile app testing services is to cover every facet of the application. We provide top-notch results by carefully selecting the proper testing methods and tools.

Designing Test Cases

Imagine a detailed diary of all processes is a test case for us. We write down every action and the expected outcome.

Testing The Software

Our QA team pulls out all the stops to detect all bugs in your software. We put manual and automated testing into play for optimal efficiency.

Analyzing The Results

Once the testing wraps up, our engineers will compile a comprehensive report. It covers performance evaluations, detected issues, and essential comments. It's a roadmap for the development team to squash the bugs quickly and effectively.

Tools & Techniques

  • At Luxe Quality, we use leading and modern tools and techniques. We choose technologies and tools depending on the platforms for which the application is developed (Android or iOS), the type of application (native, web, or hybrid), the level of access to the code, the used real devices, and cloud services.
  • Regarding tools, at Luxe Quality, we prefer to use services that give us access to all versions and configurations of recent devices that could be used for manual or automated testing. 
  • There is an array of cloud services. QA engineers сommonly use SauceLabs, BrowserStack, and TestingBot. They help to provide access to both real and emulated/simulated devices. This is convenient and necessary for both automated and manual tests.
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    Our Frequent Project Tasks

    Our QA engineers are ready to confront any challenges. A few we have to tackle:
    Software Quality Assurance icon
    Software Quality Assurance
    Our QAs' fundamental duty lies in assuring the high quality of software, achieved through a high level of test coverage, stringent bug identification, and compliance with defined requirements.
    Test Automation icon
    Test Automation
    To supplement manual testing, our specialists facing the task of developing sustainable automated test scripts to broaden test coverage and streamline efficiency, involving the selection of apt automation tools, designing test frameworks, and scripting resilient tests.
    Continuous Integration & Delivery icon
    Continuous Integration & Delivery
    Significant role in supporting CI/CD processes falls upon QA engineers. They work to create a seamless test flow in a pipeline. This requires setting up robust test environments, devising automated test pipelines, and integrating tests into the CI/CD workflow.
    Compatibility & Cross-Platform Testing icon
    Compatibility & Cross-Platform Testing
    Given the wide array of devices, browsers, and operating systems, ensuring software compatibility across these platforms poses a significant challenge. QA engineers will test your application under varied configurations and perform cross-browser and cross-platform testing for a consistent user experience.
    Performance & Load Testing icon
    Performance & Load Testing
    Software must handle increased user loads efficiently. QA engineers face the challenge of emulating realistic user loads and performing stress testing to pinpoint performance bottlenecks, scalability issues, and inefficient resource utilization. They use specialized tools to measure, analyze, and suggest improvements for system performance.
    Security Testing icon
    Security Testing
    QA engineers are responsible for security testing to ensure robust defenses and prevent potential user data loss. You can learn more about security testing here.

    Client’s feedback

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What Mobile Application Testing Services do you provide?

    At Luxe Quality, we provide a wide range of mobile application testing services to ensure the quality of your product. These include Usability, Performance, Functional, Security, Compatibility, Manual and Automated testing. Each type of testing targets different aspects of your mobile application to ensure it's functional, fast, reliable, and secure. For more info and prices, you can contact us

    How do your Mobile Apps Testing Services work?

    Our mobile app testing services begin with a deep understanding of your requirements. We develop a strategy to cover every aspect of your application and design detailed test cases. Our QA team utilizes manual and automated testing for optimal efficiency and accuracy. After we finish testing, we look at the outcomes and provide a comprehensive report that includes performance evaluations, detected issues, and essential feedback. This roadmap guides your development team to resolve any issues effectively and quickly.

    Why should I test Mobile Apps? What value does Mobile Applications Testing bring?

    Mobile applications testing is essential to ensure your app is functional, user-friendly, and meets user expectations. It helps detect bugs affecting the user experience or the app's performance. Our mobile app testing services increase user satisfaction and product quality, helping to enhance your brand reputation. Our robust testing process guarantees that your app remains stable despite heavy usage or adverse conditions. We enable secure user data, comply with industry regulations, maintain user trust, and protect your app from threats.

    How do Mobile App Testing Services differ from regular Software Testing?

    Mobile testing considers factors unique to mobile devices, such as touch interface, screen sizes, different OS versions, device fragmentation, and mobile-specific functionalities like location, orientation, and battery usage.

    Do you provide detailed Test Reports?

    Yes, we provide comprehensive reports for mobile testing services outlining the tests conducted, results, potential issues, and recommendations for improvement.

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