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We will introduce you to the main processes of API testing and tell you how to use software API testing in your company to improve the development process and guarantee the quality of the product.

What is API?

An application programming interface is a list of protocols, rules, and definitions developers use to create and integrate application software into existing systems and platforms. An API is a boundary between objects that interact. Developers use the interface by sending a request and receiving a response. We offer high-quality API testing services to ensure the reliability and security of your software. Our professional testers are skilled in API testing. We are ready to build a software API testing system on your project to ensure your application is reliable and stable.

What is API testing?

API testing is a process in which test requests are sent to a server, and the system responses are analyzed.

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API testing to smooth the development workflow

API testing allows us to test new features from the backend developers even before the UI is ready. Thus, API testing helps to identify and correct errors on the backend without the need to correct the consequences of these errors on the front end.

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API testing services based on testing types

We can offer a review of different types of API software testing to help you get more information and better understand how to test API effectively.

API Performance Testing


API performance testing assesses the performance and consistency of an API under normal and high - load conditions, measuring its stability and speed through simulations. We use tools like Gatling, Jmeter, and K6 for this type of testing.

API Security Testing


Testers use API security testing methods to prevent potential attacks and malicious actions. QA performs unauthorized access to the server to ensure the protection of user information. API testers use tools like Burp Suite, Acunetix, and Restler-Fuzzer when doing this type of work.

API Integration Testing


API integration testing studies the relationship between different system modules. Productivity and the provision of quality services directly depend on effective integration. We use such tools as Postman, Runscope, Checkly, Karate, and others to implement these tasks.

API Automation Testing


In automated API testing, we use test scripts to check the reliability and high functionality of the API application in the project. This type helps to significantly speed up the search for errors and improve the quality of the final product. Popular automated API testing tools include Postman, SoapUI, and Rest-Assured.

API Manual Testing


Manual API testing is a process in which requests are sent manually by QA engineers, not scripts. Skilled testers write queries, integrate and test the API, and make necessary changes to address flaws.

Achieve software reliability & security with API testing

Usually, to check data accuracy, schema, data type, order, completeness, HTTP status codes, and error codes should be verified. This helps to identify and correct possible errors before operating the product. API software testing also aids in ensuring software security, allowing you to identify and fix potential errors while exchanging data between different system components. This may include input validation, SQL injection protection, access rights checking, API security techniques, etc.

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Our Approach

We perform API testing on different devices, operating systems, and browsers. If any errors do happen, that might cause the program hacking. APIs are often complex, with many different parameters, endpoints, and possible responses that require special skills for testing. Luxe Quality helps companies build high-quality products by ensuring integrated APIs meet application functionality, reliability, performance, and security standards.

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API testing benefits

The benefits of API testing include identifying and rectifying interface errors that can adversely impact user experience and interactions with applications and services. Therefore, the following main advantages of using the software testing API should be listed.

Strong Protection

It is vital to provide accurate data transfer in the appropriate format when interacting with external services through API. API testing ensures uninterrupted data communication, detects errors and enhances data security.

Core Access

A convenient and exciting feature for API developers and testers is that API software testing allows access to the application without a user interface. That is, a permit is obtained from the kernel. This helps to save time as testing can be done simultaneously with development.

Time & cost effective

API testing saves developers time since testing can be started before the UI is implemented. It not only speeds up development workflows but also allows you to avoid future errors, significantly reducing development costs.

API Testing Tools

In our work, we use a comprehensive set of tools for API testing because each provides a range of capabilities necessary for testers.

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API Automation testing frameworks

Frameworks are used during many development and testing stages because they significantly speed up and help the developer or tester. Generally, a framework is a set of tools, libraries, and rules for creating applications. You can list many frameworks for automated testing, such as:

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Our Recent Projects

Photo Magora site



Country: United Kingdom

Platforms: Mobile

Implementation time: March 2022 - Sept 2022 + is still supported

About project: Magora is a Web & Mobile Development Company that offers digital services to businesses across a broad range of industries.

  • UI/UX, Localization, Microservices, Capability, and others Manual testing;
  • Automation E2E testing TypeScript + + Appium + BrowserStack
Result: During active cooperation 14 + sprints, 1000+ bug reports.
Photo site


Country: Germany

Platforms: Web

Implementation time: Nov 2021 – Jan 2022

About project: is a company that offers a wide range of opportunities to optimize the production of digital advertising and increase its productivity.

  • Manual, Functional, Automation, Usability, Performance testing;
  • Automation testing: JS + TestimIO
Result: During active cooperation 648 + test cases, including almost 2592 + tests.
Photo Property eye site

Property eye

Real Estate

Country: Netherlands

Platforms: Web and Mobile

Implementation time: Feb 2022 - present

About project: PropertEye is a smart all-in-one app that allows a private real estate investor to find, buy, rent, and manage suitable investments.

  • Regression, Smoke, Sanitary Manual testing;
  • Automation Functional testing: Java + Selenium + Cucumber
Result: separate items in the check sheets and about 50+ test cases for automation.

Client’s feedback

Frequently Asked Questions

When should you implement API Test Automation?

Automated testing should be used for powerful APIs that are too complex for manual testing.

What problems arise when Automated API Testing?

Any automated testing is sensitive to hardware (RAM, CPU), test architecture, environment settings, etc. At the same time, the choice of QA engineers for API testing should be approached very seriously because the low qualification of specialists will sufficiently reduce the testing of API efficiency.

What are the standard metrics when Testing API?

Automated API testing is usually better than manual testing because it allows faster and more efficient functionality testing and reduces the risk of human error. It also requires fewer resources, as it takes much less time to perform, but it demands high-skilled specialists.

Best tools for Testing API?

The choice depends on your requirements and goals. Each case should be considered individually. We use the following tools: Postman, SoapUI, Rest-Assured, Runscope, Checkly, Karate, etc.

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