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Manual Software Testing Services

Our company provides manual software testing services to enhance your software development procedures and deliver high-quality software faster.

Why Use Manual testing

Manual testing is a crucial part of the software testing process and is necessary to ensure the quality and reliability of software applications.

Top-notch User Experience

Manual engineers constantly interact with products from the user's perspective. How the software looks and feels matters. Testers do their best to detect any related issues to enhance the usability manual. The result – is seamless interaction and user flow through the whole application.

Human-like Approach

Manual testers walk in users’ shoes daily. Our specialists know their fears, frustrations, and moments of happiness. Software manual testing is the key to ideal products. QA engineers help to release first-rate products to the world.

Flexibility and Versatility

Software manual testing is a vital part of every development process. While automated regressive tests take upon routine work, manual testing covers edge cases and more complex scenarios. Methodical bug detection and precise functionality checkups for every project add that extra polish to the software.

Boost Product Quality

Users are inclined to devote their time and resources in flawless products. Manual QA helps your product to become enticing for end users by identifying and reporting bugs.

Basics for Test Automation

Manual testing is often required basic to start writing automation test scripts. Especially when a project doesn’t have transparent and structured development documentation, ad-hoc and exploratory testing with the creation of detailed test documentation is a must to create clear reusable test scenarios, which will be used by AQAs to write automated scripts.

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Manual Testing tools We use

Each product is unique. We cherish their individuality. Manual QAs use a tailored approach and a great variety of tools. Our relevant expertise and a clear vision of a smooth user experience can enhance your project.

For UI/UX Testing

ShareX - captures and records screen.
BrowserStack - used for UX/UI testing of web applications across browsers and devices.

Bug Tracking Systems

Jira, Redmine, Youtrack, and Trello - are project management and issue-tracking tools for organizing, tracking, and reporting software bugs and issues.

For iOS Testing

XCode - provides an integrated development environment (IDE) for testing and debugging software applications on Apple's iOS and macOS platforms.
Plugins on Chrome - provide additional tools for testing, such as screen capture, network analysis, and automation.
iMazing - helps manage and test iOS devices.

Test Management System

TestRail, Xray, and Excel - test case management, planning, and reporting tools that allow testers to organize and track their test cases and results efficiently.
For better and more quality test coverage, Luxe Quality experts can combine manual testing with automated testing. Below you can find additional tools we use. 

For Android Testing

Android Studio - provides an integrated development environment (IDE) for testing and debugging software applications on the Android platform.
Developer assistant/.apk - allows to view and modify app code, inspect app resources, and analyze app performance.

For API Testing

Postman - increase the efficiency of the testing and automates tests for RESTful APIs.

Cooperation Workflow

Our shared values keep us connected as one team

Intro call/chat


Open communication leads to successful dialogue. Our QA engineers offer introductory calls/chats for our clients. It helps understand the goals and aspirations for the product.

Requirements Analysis


Luxe Quality’s manual QAs carefully analyze the project’s requirements and foresee potential issues. Our QAs’ professionalism and background guarantee the best solutions.

The Collaboration


The testing and development documentation is incomplete without cooperation with the client and their team. Manual testers mitigate errors in their infancy during a close collaboration between project members.

The Project Implementation


By using a range of tools and techniques we can ensure that the project is impeccable, delivered on time, within budget, and done up to the highest standards.

Manual Software Testing Services

Software is made to satisfy users’ needs. Our QAs work with your product exactly from the user's standpoint. For guarantee the excellence of your product, we are using the following types of manual testing, both functional and non-functional. The former checks the software's functionality to the compatibility of requirements and specifications. And the latter provides information on security, reliability, and system health.

Functional Testing
  • Acceptance
  • Smoke
  • Exploratory and Ad-hoc
  • Regression
Non-Functional Testing
  • Usability
  • Security
  • Compatibility
  • Performance & Load testing
Manual Mobile Testing

Do you want users to have your product at their fingertips? Hop on the trend and get yourself a mobile application. Our experienced manual testers help to make your application more functional and easy to use. Luxe Quality specialists monitor bugs and glitches at every stage of the development cycle.

Manual Web Testing

Improve your web application quality, usability, and reliability with manual testing. At Luxe Quality, we apply the latest and most effective techniques when performing software testing. Trust us with your project to get perfect results!

Manual Testing for Desktop

Software configurations, different environments, and diverse use cases make testing a unique craft. Software manual testing helps to obtain reliable and desirable results that meet expectations. Our team is set to improve your product.

Stages of Testing

Here's a summary of a smooth testing procedure. Steps 5-9 should be constantly repeated during the development process.


Test cycle closure


Retesting fixed bugs


Reporting bugs


Test results analysis


Test execution


Test cases development


Test environment setup


Test planning


Requirement analysis

Why choose Luxe Quality As your Manual testing company

At Luxe Quality, we offer comprehensive software manual testing to help businesses. Why pick us? Because:

Experienced Testing Team

Our skilled professionals deeply understand the testing process. With our well-versed techniques and multifaceted tests, we can accurately identify defects. 


Hiring a skilled team of Luxe Quality QA engineers is a more budget-friendly choice for your product. Trained experts can identify and report issues. We give updates and numbers when our clients ask.

Timely Delivery

Our QA manual engineers value clients’ time. The importance of delivering the product on time is vital for us. We meet the deadlines and provide quality results.


You can quickly and easily increase or decrease the QA team size on your project according to your current needs. Also, note that all our Manual QAs have Automation skills, so if you decide to implement Automated Testing on your project, you’ll be able to do it even without looking for new team members.

Customized Approach

At Luxe Quality, we understand that every product is unique. We do our best to communicate the needs and desires of our clients. 

Cooperation Workflow

Luxe Quality values communicative and collaborative aspects when working with clients.  Here are the key points of our cooperation workflow



We start every individual case with a consultation. We discuss the scope of work, testing needs, timeline, and budget. 

Testing Plan


A testing plan is a project blueprint. QA engineers outline the testing approaches and special techniques for the client’s product if needed. 

Test Execution


Our QAs perform testing according to the plan. Manual software testing ensures that the product meets the specified standards.

Defect Management & Report


QA engineers track bugs using a bug-tracking system. It helps to ensure that all bugs are resolved. We provide progress reports and statistics. 

Our Recent Projects

Photo Magora site



Country: United Kingdom

Platforms: Mobile

Implementation time: March 2022 - Sept 2022 + is still supported

About project: Magora is a Web & Mobile Development Company that offers digital services to businesses across a broad range of industries.

  • UI/UX, Localization, Microservices, Capability, and others Manual testing;
  • Automation E2E testing TypeScript + + Appium + BrowserStack
Result: During active cooperation 14 + sprints, 1000+ bug reports.
Photo site


Country: Germany

Platforms: Web

Implementation time: Nov 2021 – Jan 2022

About project: is a company that offers a wide range of opportunities to optimize the production of digital advertising and increase its productivity.

  • Manual, Functional, Automation, Usability, Performance testing;
  • Automation testing: JS + TestimIO
Result: During active cooperation 648 + test cases, including almost 2592 + tests.
Photo Property eye site

Property eye

Real Estate

Country: Netherlands

Platforms: Web and Mobile

Implementation time: Feb 2022 - present

About project: PropertEye is a smart all-in-one app that allows a private real estate investor to find, buy, rent, and manage suitable investments.

  • Regression, Smoke, Sanitary Manual testing;
  • Automation Functional testing: Java + Selenium + Cucumber
Result: separate items in the check sheets and about 50+ test cases for automation.

Client’s feedback

Frequently Asked Questions

What do Manual Testing Services mean?

Our QA engineers offer a clear-cut solution to check if your software or application meets specific quality standards. This hands-on service lets you ensure everything works as it should and checks if everything follows the rules and regulations.

How much do Manual Software Testing Services cost?

The cost of manual software testing services depends on several factors. The fee considers the scope of work, the testing type required for the project, and the complexity of the software. Our QAs can work on an hourly basis or for a fixed fee. If you are interested in building the whole QA process or want to know details about specific types of tests in our project, we are happy to discuss it with you here.

Why choose us as a Manual Testing company?

Luxe Quality is a team of skilled professionals with broad experience in various manual testing techniques. We offer customized solutions for clients’ individual needs and further automation of test processes at your request.

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