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Do you want your product to be top-quality and user-friendly? The solution is easy – hire manual QA tester.

Who are manual QA specialists and testers?

Manual Tester
A manual tester is a person who manually verifies expected and actual outcomes based on project documents, data, and requirements. Their role primarily involves hands-on testing to ensure the accuracy of results in alignment with project specifications.
QA Specialist
On the other hand, a QA specialist encompasses the skills and knowledge of a tester but also takes on additional responsibilities for improving development processes and fostering communication between developers and the QA team. A QA specialist may also analyze requirements to ensure they align with user expectations, contributing to a more comprehensive understanding of the project and its objectives.

Manual Software Testing Services

Functional Testing icon
Functional Testing
Focuses on verifying that the functions of an application work as intended.
Acceptance Testing  icon
Acceptance Testing 
The initial testing of a new version or feature is typically comprehensive, encompassing functional, design, usability aspects, and more.
Regression Testing icon
Regression Testing
Ensures new code changes do not affect the existing functionalities of the software. It involves retesting the previously tested features to ensure they work correctly after code changes.
Smoke Testing icon
Smoke Testing
Also known as build verification testing, assesses whether the critical functionalities of the software are working after each build, ensuring a stable foundation for further testing.
Usability Testing icon
Usability Testing
Evaluates the software's user-friendliness, including interface design, navigation, and overall experience.
Security Testing icon
Security Testing
Identifies vulnerabilities in a software system, ensuring that sensitive data is protected and the system is resilient against potential security threats and attacks.
Compatibility Testing icon
Compatibility Testing
Check whether the software functions correctly across different environments, platforms, browsers, and devices. It ensures that the software is compatible with a variety of configurations.
Performance Testing  icon
Performance Testing 
Evaluates the responsiveness, speed, and overall performance of a software application.

Manual Testing For Different Platforms

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Benefits of Hiring Manual QA Tester for Your Business

Smart Savings

Continuous testing helps find and fix minor issues before they become big and hard to fix, avoiding expensive fixes and ultimately resulting in cost savings.

Efficiency and Flexibility

Manual testing allows teams to promptly assess new features or changes in the user interface without requiring specialized tools. It is essential for any project and allows for flexibility to evolving project requirements.

Human Feedback

The advantage of human feedback lies in assessing code for comfort, clarity, and user perception – aspects automation can’t pay attention to. Combine automation and manual testing. Automate time-consuming tasks while relying on human testers for usability, flow, and user logic checks.

Visual Insight

Manual testing is great for checking how the visual elements of a website or application behave. It's beneficial for testing the user interface's appearance and usability.

Continuous Feedback

You will receive continuous feedback as our product undergoes systematic testing. It enables us to identify what works well and what may require improvements. Reports will be provided as needed, ensuring an ongoing error detection and correction process.

Specialized Skills and Expertise

Hiring a manual QA brings unique insights and a wealth of experience in various industries, ensuring a comprehensive evaluation of your product's quality.

Our cases




Country: United Kingdom

Platforms: Web

Implementation time: Sep 2022 - Nov 2023

About project: It is an independent, international group of companies with over 10,000 employees worldwide, active in 32 countries.

  • Manual Functional testing, Integration, Regression, and Smoke testing.
Technologies: Excel, Word, Jira.
Result: More than 100 bug reports were created.



Country: Netherlands

Platforms: Web, Mobile

Implementation time: Aug 2022 – Sep 2022

About project: It is an online marketplace platform that provides a unique shopping experience for fashion enthusiasts worldwide.

Services: Manual Functional, Integration, System, E2E testing.
Technologies: BrowserStack, Jira, Notion, MongoDB Compass.
Result: More than 50 bug reports and 220 test cases were created.

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Flow for Cooperation with Luxe Quality

We aim to be your reliable partner in manual testing, and our team is always ready to help you achieve the highest quality of your software. Hire manual QA tester to guarantee your software meets the highest standards of quality and efficiency.
Stage 1: Contact Us
Simply share your email or schedule a call, and within 24 hours, we'll be ready to consult you. Moreover, we're prepared to commence work on your project as soon as the next day, ensuring a swift and efficient start to our collaboration.
Stage 2: Evaluation of the Project
Our team will examine your project to comprehend its specifications and needs thoroughly. We'll evaluate the extent of the work involved and identify the most efficient strategies, including hiring a remote manual QA tester to assist you in reaching your objectives.
Stage 3: Start Manual Testing
As soon as all the details are agreed upon and the contract is signed, we can start work immediately, in line with your preferences.
Stage 4: Support and Feedback
We stay in close contact with you throughout the testing process, providing regular updates and progress reports. We value your feedback and are ready to adjust quickly to optimize the testing process.
Stage 5: Completion and Analysis
Upon completing the testing process, we will analyze the results and prepare a detailed report for you. We will also discuss the next steps and possible ways to improve your software.
Stage 6: Enduring Support
We are also committed to providing long-term support for your testing needs, ensuring sustained quality and efficiency.

Why Choose Luxe Quality As Your Manual Testing Company

At Luxe Quality, we offer comprehensive software manual testing to help businesses.
Why choose us? Because:
Our Expertise

Our experts boast over 175 successful projects in their portfolio. With extensive experience spanning diverse industries, we deliver excellence tailored to your unique needs.

Quick Start

Start working on your project within 24-72 hours.

Free Trial

We provide a 40-hour trial period for you to evaluate our services and witness our work process.

On-Time Delivery

Our manual QA engineers respect your time. Delivering on schedule is super important to us. We meet deadlines and give good results.

Customized Approach

At Luxe Quality, we understand that each product is unique. We strive to communicate the wants and needs of our clients effectively.

Skilled Testing Team

Our experts have a deep understanding of the testing process. We can accurately identify issues by utilizing our well-versed techniques and multifaceted tests.


You can change the size of your QA team based on your current needs. All our manual QAs can do automation, so you do not need to hire new team members for automated testing. 

Saves Money

Hiring our trained QA team is a cost-effective choice. They can find and report issues. We share updates and data when clients want them.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to hire manual QA tester?

Discover a tailored solution with our range of professionals, from juniors to seniors, each offering unique expertise. Our commitment is to provide you with a comprehensive cost breakdown from our initial contact. Your success begins with transparent collaboration – let's discuss your needs and customize the perfect team for you.

Do you protect my project with NDA and IP?

You will completely own your project, including NDA, copyright, source code, VPN, intellectual property rights, and confidential information. We prioritize your data security and use the latest technologies to protect it throughout our collaboration.

Do you provide support and maintenance services after deployment?

We offer support and maintenance services after the project has been completed successfully. Optimize your workflow with our part-time QA or tester option. Our professionals seamlessly integrate into your schedule, connecting at your convenience to support and maintain your testing needs.

Why should you choose Luxe Quality as your trusted partner?

Our team has completed over 175 successful projects, bringing expertise to each collaboration and ensuring your venture's success. Experience the swift initiation of your project with our quick start feature, allowing you to commence work within 24-72 hours. We offer a trial period of 40 hours, allowing you to evaluate our services and witness our work in action. When you hire one of our specialists, you gain access to many years of experience spanning various industries and technologies from our diverse community. We take pride in our focus on quality assurance, consistently striving to be the best in the field.

What's your next step?

You've landed here because you have an idea or fundamental business issues to solve. You can start immediately by sharing your needs through our contact page or by calling us.

Within 24 hours, you will get a reply to your email with a proposal. Please explore our portfolios, products, and services if you want to know more. Hire manual tester is a critical step for ensuring the quality and effectiveness of your software.

When is the best time to hire a QA engineer or tester?

The QA process can begin even before the product exists. The advantage of QA lies in its ability to verify requirements, preventing numerous fixes and saving time during product development. You can start hiring a tester when requirements are well-defined, or the product is in progress.