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What Exactly is Performance Testing?

Performance testing is a type of non-functional testing that is carried out to determine how different system components perform under specific conditions.
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Why Is Performance Testing Required?

Poor mobile and web application experience results in customers distancing from you, resulting in a loss of revenue. During performance testing, evaluation and assessment are conducted on metrics such as:


Stability assesses the consistency and reliability of the system's performance over time and under varying loads. It ensures that the system remains operational without crashes or failures.


Throughput refers to the rate at which the system can process a certain number of requests within a given time frame. It quantifies the system's capacity to handle concurrent user requests.

Response Time

This metric measures the time the system takes to respond to a user request. It indicates how quickly the system processes and returns results to the user.

Resource Utilization

Resource utilization measures the system's consumption of hardware resources such as CPU, memory, disk space, and network bandwidth during different usage scenarios. It helps identify potential bottlenecks and optimize resource allocation.

What Benefits For Your Business To Hire Performance Testers?

Increasing Sales icon

Increasing Sales

A highly functional and smooth application/website delivers a great experience. This leads to increased sales because an easy-to-use website is always a delight for users. Investing in performance testers helps you identify and resolve all the glitches or issues beforehand, ensuring a seamless user experience.
Managing the Load of Users icon

Managing the Load of Users

An application/website can crash due to heavy traffic and cause an unhealthy experience. Load testing is performed to avoid such a situation. It tests the application in different load environments and makes it more steadfast.
Creating Reliable Apps icon

Creating Reliable Apps

Gaining customers’ trust is crucial for any business to be successful. Technology can have pros and cons when it is a part of the business. For example, a transaction failure in any application/website can lose customers’ trust and make them hop to another platform. Hire performance testers to make your platform more reliable and build user trust.
Saving Future Costs icon

Saving Future Costs

A crashed website/application will make you run to QA experts to save your business, resulting in heavy expenditures. However, you can make those QA experts a part of your development process in the early stages of development and improve the performance of your application.

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How Can You Obtain Quality Performance Testing Services?

We aim to be your reliable partner in performance testing, and our team is always ready to help enhance the quality of your software. Hire performance testers to ascertain that your software upholds the highest standards of quality and efficiency.

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Why Choose Luxe Quality for Your Testing Needs?

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Quick Start

In today's fast-paced world, speed matters. We can provide QA specialists who align with your project's requirements from day one. QA can commence work immediately after contract signing.
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Global Collaboration

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Competitive Pricing

Luxe Quality delivers high-quality testing services at competitive rates, ensuring you don't compromise on quality for affordability. You pay for confirmed work only.
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Comprehensive Quality Assurance

At Luxe Quality, we don't just test; we build a Quality Assurance architecture for your project. It includes refining product requirements to meet user needs, optimizing bug-reporting processes, and improving communication among team members. Testing is integral to this approach, reducing risks and costs and increasing customer satisfaction.
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Proven Experience

We have a successful software testing track record with over 160 completed projects and more than 50 ongoing. You can explore customer reviews on our website to gain insights into our performance.
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QA Outstaffing

As a software testing outsourcing/outstuffing company, we will assist you in outstaffing your QA needs to our specialist or even the entire QA team. We will manage the entire testing process, from planning to reporting and retesting fixes. This way you can save on the maintenance and growth of in-house QA specialists and receive services from an experienced team. Moreover, we can also take on outsourced software development, if required.

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Case Studies



Photo Vault site






Implementation time:

Dec 2022 - Nov 2023

About project:

Vault is a revolutionizing business banking platform for Canadian businesses.


Automated Functional, Integration, System, End-to-End testing 


5-15% reduction of all test's runtime, functionality errors were identified and addressed before the release, which helped to enhance the web application quality and reliability, preventing these issues from affecting end-users.



CryptoSeed Venture

Photo CryptoSeed Venture site



CryptoSeed Venture


Web, Mobile

Implementation time:

Sept 2023 – present

About project:

CryptoSeed Venture, based in the USA, specializes in advanced software solutions for the cryptocurrency investment sector.


Manual, Automated, Functional, Regression, Smoke, Security, Usability, Cross-platform testing 

Automated testing: Appium + Java


300 test cases were developed and automated. 150 bug reports were created




Photo QPilot site






Implementation time:

April 2023 - Present

About project:

QPilot is a company that develops solutions for automated and planned procurement of goods and services.


Manual, Automated, API, Regression, UI/UX and Load testing;

Automated testing - JavaScript and Playwright.


Tests cover 95% of the functionality, 8 bug reports are created, helping developers to quickly fix identified issues. API and UI testing are performed to ensure system integrity and meet requirements.


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Performance testing assesses how different system components perform under specific conditions, checking resource usage, scalability, and product reliability. It's essential for evaluating the stability of a website.
Performance testing is essential for several reasons. Firstly, it helps prevent revenue loss from a poor mobile app experience, which can drive customers away. Secondly, application speed can vary depending on the user's location, so performance testers adapt their testing strategies to different regions to ensure a consistent user experience. Lastly, testing is necessary to guarantee smooth performance under high-load conditions, ensuring the application can handle peak traffic without crashing or slowing down significantly.
Hiring performance testers can bring several significant benefits to your business. Firstly, they help avoid network issues, ensuring a seamless user experience for your customers. Secondly, performance testers increase sales and customer satisfaction by ensuring that your application is highly functional and operates smoothly.

Additionally, by identifying and addressing issues in the early stages of development, performance testers help save future costs that may arise from fixing problems later in the development cycle.
A proficient performance tester should possess diverse qualities and skills crucial for practical testing. They should be adept at determining the appropriate load for testing, which requires comprehensive understanding and can be further enhanced through independent research. They must be proficient in scripting using various tools, encompassing commercial and open-source options. A performance tester should demonstrate expertise across various operating systems such as Windows, Red Hat, etc.
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