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Are you looking for quality assurance engineers who understand your business well? icon
Are you looking for quality assurance engineers who understand your business well?
You can make it happen by getting highly skilled professionals from the Luxe Quality team.  icon
You can make it happen by getting highly skilled professionals from the Luxe Quality team. 
Software Quality Assurance means ensuring the highest standards for all web, mobile, and desktop applications.
Quality encourages users to become loyal customers, prefer your product over competitors, and recommend your application to others.
If a software program has a problem (like a bug) or doesn't work well for users, its success is compromised. It's challenging to estimate the cost involved in fixing these issues once the app is already on the market.
Quality Assurance is about more than finding and fixing problems in software. Now, it's seen as something built into the whole software-making process, from the beginning to the end. Quality Assurance experts are no longer in the background; they are in charge of ensuring things are high quality in the entire organization.
The way we think about Quality Assurance is changing. It's about more than finding and fixing problems in software. Now, it's seen as something built into the whole software-making process, from the beginning to the end. Quality Assurance experts are no longer in the background; they are in charge of ensuring things are high quality in the entire organization.

What Does A QA Engineer Do?

You might be wondering why we need to hire QA engineers. Can't developers check their code for errors?
Development teams do indeed engage in unit, integration, and code-based testing. Testing these types is essential in the early stages to facilitate development and ensure that each new element doesn't disrupt previous ones. However, it doesn't specifically address user-centric testing.
  • While developers can conduct UI testing to some extent, is it not more beneficial for developers to invest their time in actual development, fixes, and enhancements?
  • As experience has shown, developers typically only find a few bugs. It isn't a reflection of their skills but rather the challenge of spotting errors in their  work. It is where QA engineers come in. They help to make sure that even the tiniest bug gets found.

Performing testing and documenting bugs:

performs manual or automated testing, executes test scenarios, records results, identifies potential issues, and collaborates with developers

Development of test scenarios:

test scripts that include steps and expected outcomes to check various aspects of the software 

Testing planning:

defines the testing strategy, develops test plans, and creates testing schedules for effective verification of software, ensuring comprehensive testing and quality assurance

Interacting with the development team:

communicates with developers, product owners, and other members of the development team

Analysis of the development and communication process:

monitors the quality and effectiveness of data transmission, creation of project documentation, and the efficiency of sprints

Implementation of standards and methodologies:

establishes processes, standards, and methodologies that improve software product quality

Detecting defects in product

requirements from both a business and user perspective 

Why Is Hiring QA Engineers Important

A company's reputation hinges on the quality of its products or services.

Maintaining high quality is a paramount business goal, equivalent in significance to profit generation, as it ensures customer loyalty.

While various team members play roles in the development process: CEO tests applications, project managers facilitate team communication, product owners review requirements, and developers test their features —

why does the end product still emerge with bugs and fail to satisfy clients fully?
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QA is an experienced user, alleviating the burden on many team members. With a professional approach, QA performs numerous processes, understanding how to make your application ideal for users and prevent it from being marred by bugs.

With QA on the team, you'll always have peace of mind that your product is tested.
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It’s funny
But when testers do an excellent job, you don't notice them. However, when something in an app doesn't work right or feels weird, it's clear that the quality check wasn't done well. Your audience notices this, too, and might choose a competitor instead. That's why professional software development teams like Luxe Quality always prioritize having strong QA engineers.  

If you're looking for top-notch quality assurance to elevate your application, contact us to discuss how
Luxe Quality can become your trusted QA partner.

Benefits of Hiring QA Engineers

QA engineers ensure that things work well, have fewer problems, and are less likely to cause trouble in the future. It helps things happen on time and within the budget, which makes the project successful and keeps customers happy. When launching a new product, consider the need to hire QA engineers to maintain high standards.

That is what lies on the surface. Let’s further explore why hiring QA engineers for your staff can make it easier for you to achieve your business goals.

Early Detection Of Errors

Early detection of errors through a robust quality assurance process from the outset of development ensures prompt bug identification and elimination, a critical component of overall product quality.

Ensuring Compliance with Standards

Testing is a reliable tool to verify compliance with high European and US standards, such as GDPR for processing personal data in Europe or HIPAA for healthcare-related software in the USA.

Acceleration of Product Entry into the Market

  • Testing by QA specialists allows developers more time for coding, accelerates project development, enhances project understanding, and reduces time spent on reporting.
  • Early bug detection minimizes fixing time, speeding up overall development.

Saving Money

  • Qualified QA specialists reduce the cost of identifying and fixing defects, making it more economical than involving developers or project managers.
  • Early error detection minimizes the effort and financial resources required for correction.

Increasing Competitiveness

A tested app gains a competitive edge over competitors lacking a proper QA process.

Reduced Chances of Errors, Especially Critical

  • QA ensures attention to usability, a user-centered approach, endurance under high load, and reliable personal data protection.
  • Quality determines user retention, complementing marketing efforts in attracting and retaining users.

Our Talent At Your Fingertips

We have a team of QA experts that has helped hundreds of companies like yours save costs and improve software quality.
All types of QA services  icon
All types of QA services 
Go beyond simple testing with a reliable QA strategy, test automation, performance, integration, UI/UX, and other types of testing.
End-To-End Project Experience  icon
End-To-End Project Experience 
Hire software testers with holistic experience – they’ve succeeded on multiple projects, working from the earliest stages to post-release maintenance.
Agile Experience icon
Agile Experience
Hire Agile QA engineers with complete responsibility for a project and understand its various aspects, from requirements analysis to usability.

Why Choose The Luxe Quality For Quality Assurance Services? 

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Meet Our Test Engineers

Our Luxe Quality consists of professionals with extensive experience in various projects. We always apply the most advanced methods in testing and improve their knowledge and skills. Our top priority is the maximum quality of your product in the shortest possible time.

Automation Tester icon
Automation Tester
Automation testers use automated testing tools to enhance efficiency and repeatability. They design, develop, and implement automated test scripts to validate software functionality, accelerating the testing process for continuous integration and deployment.
Manual Tester icon
Manual Tester
Manual testers focus on executing test cases manually without using automation tools. They meticulously verify that the software functions according to specified requirements, providing a critical human perspective to the testing process.
QA/QC Engineer icon
QA/QC Engineer
This specialist guarantees a high-quality product and minimizes errors and bugs in the final release. In addition, they are responsible for selecting test methods, requirements analysis, cooperation with developers, and product improvement at each stage.
QA Lead icon
QA Lead
Manages QA team and ensures timely completion of all tasks. He is responsible for planning, monitoring, and controlling testing activities to achieve better results.
QA Analyst icon
QA Analyst
This specialist is responsible for testing, analyzing, and verifying the quality of software, products, and systems. Typically, he conducts audits and provides recommendations for improving both the product itself and its development process.
QA Architect icon
QA Architect
This is a professional who approaches a task from the perspectives of business, information, and technology and collaborates with clients to align and refine requirements. He configures the QA process as a whole, including testing.

What Type Of Testing To Choose?

What type of testing to choose — either manual or automation — depends on a case-by-case basis. Both are necessary, and both are irreplaceable. Our company offers flexible options to hire a software tester, ensuring your project receives the quality assurance it deserves. We'll help you hire QA engineers that best complement and validate your project.
Manual Testing
Use manual testing for:
  • Small Projects
  • Project Initiation
  • Design Importance
  • Usability Testing
  • Complex Additional Functionality
Automation testing
Automation testing

is based on frameworks, where each framework is scripted up to the needs of software testing.

Use automation testing for:

  • Rapid and precise regression testing
  • Efficient testing of large-scale applications
  • Testing multiple scenarios with diverse datasets
  • AI testing and validation of intelligent systems
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Frequently Asked Questions

What does a QA engineer do?

QA engineers are responsible for designing and implementing test plans, cases, and scripts to identify defects in software. They work closely with various stakeholders to ensure the quality and functionality of the software throughout the development process.

Why is hiring QA Engineers important?

Hiring QA engineers is crucial to maintaining product quality at all stages of development, reducing post-release costs, and accelerating the software release cycle.

What are the benefits when you hire QA testers?

Hiring QA engineers leads to improved software quality, early issue identification, cost savings, faster time to market, compliance and security, process improvement, and a competitive edge. So, if you want to enhance your software's quality, hire a QA tester. 

What is the cost of hiring a QA engineer?

The price of hiring a QA engineer (the salary level) depends on how much they know, where they live, and what they can do. For instance, manual testers in the US might get paid anywhere from $19 to $50 an hour. But Senior test automation engineers can make as much as $70 an hour. Luxe Quality offers competitive pricing combined with expertise. How much it costs to work with them also depends on where the company is, how big it is, and what kind of work you need. It's a good idea to ask about their prices when you first contact them.

What types of testing services does Luxe Quality provide?

Based on many years of experience, we determine the most effective types of testing for each specific case and develop the best testing plan. We provide various types of testing services, including:
  • Autotest Creation
  • Autotest Code Review
  • Manual Testing (acceptance, regression, smoke)
  • Assurance Audit
  • Quality Assurance Architecture (setting up, maintaining)
  • Test Documentation (managing): manual test cases, checklists, etc.