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Jul 12, 2023

Streamlining testing processes for






Nov 2021 – Jan 2022

Implementation time

About Company is a company that offers a wide range of opportunities to optimize the production of digital advertising and increase its productivity. The goal of the project is to allow customers to independently create and publish advertisements without involving external help.


The project was already on the market, and independent testing was not carried out before our QA specialist's work started.The project manager wrote the test cases.

Challenges and Solutions

Luxe Quality provided one QA engineer to automate test cases, support and report issuesfor newly developed features, and test new functionality, usability, and product performance.

Let us share with you some aspects of the work on this project.



No testing or QCprocesses

Set up testing and QC from scratch:
1. Analyze the requirements and existing test cases 
2. Establish a testing process 
3. Determine and implement the selected technologies 
4. Communicate with the project developers 

The project contained hard-to-find elements in various tools available to the client to create advertising

Special cases were developed for testing these functions, and they were carried out manually to check usability

Specific features of the TestimIO

The test automation tool TestimIO was used, which offered complex documentation that had to be studied to continue working correctly

Organize repetitive actions in the automation repository

It used the unique feature of TestimIO, which consists of creating a collection of repeatable steps and applying it to all tests, which significantly reduced the time spent

A fast and handy reporter was needed

The reporter was set up to automatically sent to Slack after every test run

Technologies, tools, approaches

JavaScript and the TestimIOframework were used to automate testing in this project. TestimIO has built-in test recording and playback capabilities, making it possible to quickly create test scenarios without manually writing code. It also supports the creation of parameterized tests, test data management, and easy integration with other development tools, which was very useful during the project.Functional testing was performed automatically, and usability and performance were performed manually.  

The Waterfall approach was used for the development methodology. Regression testing was performed daily to identify potential issues and maintain product stability. Regular reports were sent to the team via Slack, providing valuable information on testing progress. Finally, in the final phase, thorough functional testing was performed to verify the system's functionality and compliance with the project requirements.

Features of the project

The main task was thorough testing of a wide range of elements that required both an automated and a manual approach. This process required increased attention and the use of various tools, including automation tools and specialized testing tools. In addition, great attention was paid to usability aspects, mainly the ease of use of the product and its interface for users.


  • 10 bug reports were created detailing the issues encountered. This allowed the developers to quickly react and fix flaws that affected the overall quality of the product.  
  • Manual and automated test cases have been executed to ensure that 90% of the essential functionalities are comprehensively covered.
  • Pipelines were launched on Bitbucket. 



The first step was getting to know and their project. The customer wanted to automate test cases, support them and create problem reporting. The goal was to improve product quality and ensure the smooth functioning of the advertising platform. 

Creating tests

After getting acquainted with the project, the creation of tests was started. Approaches were chosen to develop test scenarios performed manually and automated using the TestimIO framework and JS.

Parallel to the creation of tests, daily launches of existing tests

In addition to creating new tests, it was essential to ensure that existing tests were automatically run daily to identify potential problems and quickly fix them. 

Error reporting

During the daily tests, some bugs were found, documented, and forwarded to the development team for further correction. Each error was described in detail, indicating ways to reproduce it and the expected result.

Test support after completion of their creation

After the creation of the tests was completed, their maintenance, editing, and updating in case of changes in the project continued.

Vlad is a great QA Engineer and definitely an enrichment to every team. He wasn't afraid to learn new tools and made good results all the way. Thank you hope to work with u again soon.

Ahmed Zarrouki

Services provided
  • Manual testing
  • Functional testing
  • Automation testing
  • Usability testing
  • Performance testing
QA Technologies used
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