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Business Solutions refer to software designed to solve specific business problems. These include CRM systems, ERP systems, warehouse management systems, and others.

How is Luxe Quality doing with that?

Having reviewed the data on Luxe Quality's activities in the field of quality assurance and software testing for business solutions, the following indicators can be highlighted:

24.1k+ hours

Total number of working hours

4 projects

Successfully completed

12 months

Average project duration

Case Studies

Photo Risk Management Projects site

Risk Management Projects

Business Solutions



Implementation time: May 2020 - present

About project: The cloud platform created by the company offers modern risk management technologies.

  • Manual, Regression, Exploratory, API testing.

Result: Written and executed 1200+ manual tests to ensure product stability and quality. Performed regression testing to avoid errors in production.
Photo SAP Development company site

SAP Development company

Business Solutions



Implementation time: Apr 2023 - Jul 2023

About project: The company designs pre-made templates incorporating proprietary software products. These templates make it easy to introduce SAP mobile processes into various aspects of the business, such as logistics, production, maintenance, and control areas.

  • QA, Manual and Automated functional testing, API testing.

Result: More than 48 E2E test cases were created and automated, which helped ensure the product's stability and reliability. Test infrastructures for web, mobile, desktop, APIs, and the reporting system were built from scratch.


Photo SaaS Projects site

SaaS Projects

Business Solutions



Implementation time: Sep 2022 - present

About project: The company develops and implements innovative solutions to increase the efficiency of enterprises, ensuring optimal automation and optimization of work processes.

  • Manual: Functional, Smoke and UI testing;

  • Automation: Unit and Integration testing.

Result: Over 90+ test cases were automated for comprehensive evaluation and validation. More than 50 bug reports were created.


We follow an effective strategy in testing for business solutions industry: 

Research the requirements and market for your solution. Define the purpose of the product and the key aspects of testing.


Testing planning. Select priorities, resources, and testing schedules.


Create test scenarios. Test all the important features and characteristics of your solution.


Prepare the test environment. Simulate real-world conditions for using the system.


Run the tests. Analyze the results and write a report.


Evaluate the effectiveness of the testing for business solutions and make recommendations for bug fixes. Retest the system after fixing it.


Repeat the cycle for each new function.

Features of the Business solutions Testing and QA

Complexity And Scale icon
Complexity And Scale
Business solutions typically consist of intricate, extensive systems with numerous interconnected modules and components. To effectively test such systems, employ diverse testing approaches, utilize various tools, and adopt different tests to enhance testing efficiency.
Performance icon
In business solutions, handling a high volume of transactions per second, as seen in online banking, e-commerce, or stock trading systems, is critical. Thorough performance testing should be performed to evaluate system response under load to ensure optimal performance. Evaluate low latency, high availability, and reliability to maintain an efficient system.
Security icon
Protecting sensitive data within business solutions is paramount. Ensure system security by addressing hacking, tampering, and denial of service attacks. Security testing is vital for identifying and rectifying vulnerabilities, instilling confidence in the system's security, and ensuring compliance with industry standards.
High Quality icon
High Quality
The role of QA in business solutions goes far beyond routine product testing. Because the stakes are high, providing a quality business product from the very beginning is necessary. It’s necessary to focus on the requirements and communicate with stakeholders so that the product requirements best meet the users' needs. QA is a strategic partner in creating the product right from the first step.
Complexity And Scale icon
Complexity And Scale
Business solutions typically consist of intricate, extensive systems with numerous interconnected modules and components. To effectively test such systems, employ diverse testing approaches, utilize various tools, and adopt different tests to enhance testing efficiency.

Our Services

Luxe Quality specializes in testing services for business solutions, ensuring the highest quality standards for our clients.

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We provide QA services for business solutions within 24-72 hours of signing a contract.
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QA/AQA Specialization

We offer various QA services for business solutions - from creation and implementation to test auditing.
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High-End Technology

We can automate complex scenarios using modern technologies and find unexpected errors.
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Our specialists will fully immerse themselves in your project and provide comprehensive reports.
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Our engineers are proficient in the latest technologies and can find an approach to any project.

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The main task of business solutions is to process a large number of transactions per second, such as in online banking or e-commerce systems. Performance tests help determine how the system handles the load and ensures low latency and high availability.
To guarantee the security of business solutions, vulnerability tests are conducted, as well as penetration testing, intervention testing, and other methods to identify and remediate threats.
Non-standard methods can include testing using artificial intelligence, automating scenarios with non-standard usage scenarios, and even testing using blockchain technology for transparency and security.
QA professionals need to cope with the complexity of systems, ensure security and performance, as well as ensure compliance with standards and user satisfaction in various use cases.