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Learn about Luxe Quality's quality assurance services for software development companies. Here are some key metrics:
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QA & Testing For Software Development Companies

We offer a wide range of quality assurance services tailored to meet the specific needs of software development companies. Our skilled QA team is ready to engage in complete testing or collaborate on specific tasks as needed. What can you expect from this partnership?
  • Quality Assurance Audit
  • Manual Testing (acceptance, regression, smoke)
  • Quality Assurance Architecture (setting up, maintaining)
  • Autotest Creation
  • Test Documentation (managing): manual test cases, checklists,etc.
  • Autotest Code Review

Our cases

Photo Magora site



Country: United Kingdom

Platforms: Mobile

Implementation time: March 2022 - Sept 2022 - present

About project: Magora is a Web and Mobile Development Company that offers digital services to businesses across various industries, including Pharma & Medtech, Edtech, eLearning, and E-commerce.

  • UI/UX, Localization, Microservices, Capability, and other manual testing;
  • Automation E2E testing.
Technologies: TypeScript, WebdriverIO, Appium, BrowserStack.
Result: 1000+ bug reports were entered into the bug tracking system, enhancing the overall quality and reliability of the system.
Photo Innovative Efficiency Solutions Company site

Innovative Efficiency Solutions Company


Country: USA

Platforms: Web

Implementation time: Sep 2022 - present

About project: The company develops and implements innovative solutions to increase the efficiency of enterprises, ensuring optimal automation and optimization of work processes.

  • Manual testing, Automation testing, Functional testing, Smoke testing, UI testing.
Technologies: JavaScript, Cypress, Vue.js, Jenkins, Python.
Result: 90 test cases were successfully automated. It indicates a high level of automation, which helps ensure the product's stability and reliability.
Photo GlobalTech Solutions Group site

GlobalTech Solutions Group


Country: United Kingdom

Platforms: Web, Mobile

Implementation time: Sep 2022 - Nov 2023

About project: GlobalTech Solutions Group is an independent, international group of companies with over 10,000 employees worldwide, active in 32 countries across various sectors.

Services: Manual Functional, Integration, Regression, Smoke Testing.
Result: More than 100 bug reports were created. They contained detailed descriptions of identified defects, including their nature, severity, and potential impact on the application's functionality. Over 800 test cases ensured comprehensive evaluation and validation, enhancing software quality and reliability.

Features of the software development industry

Testing for software development industry has some characteristics that distinguish it from testing in other industries. Here are some key aspects:
Customized Quality Assurance
Every project is unique, and when collaborating with software development companies, we are always prepared to assemble a tailored team, align with existing outsourcing practices, and offer customized solutions based on individual needs.
Customized Quality Assurance icon
Diverse Testing Types
Various types of testing may be required, and they are not always predictable. Therefore, it's essential not only to possess knowledge of them but also to know when to apply each type or approach. That's why our company consistently conducts knowledge-sharing sessions and embraces new technologies.
Diverse Testing Types icon
Attention to Every Product
It is crucial to get the maximum experience from each project without fixating on a single one. For every project, it's essential to review the requirements, and standards of the countries for which the product is developed, and dedicate due attention to testing these unique features in addition to standard measures.
Attention to Every Product icon
Risk Mitigation
It involves proactively identifying potential risks and implementing strategies to prevent issues both during the development process and after the product's release. It aims to minimize the negative impact that unforeseen events or challenges could have on the project. By analyzing and addressing risks in advance, the development team can enhance the project's chances of success, ensuring a smoother development process and a more reliable final product.
Risk Mitigation icon
Flexibility in Technology Choices
Depending on the project's growth and its planning, it is crucial to select software development testing technologies correctly. To do this, one must be well acquainted with them and possess the experience our specialists have gained over the years.
Flexibility in Technology Choices icon


The process of testing for software development companies can vary depending on the specific project, but here is a general approach that can be used:

Project Initiation

  • Receive project details and requirements in testing for software development.
  • Initiate contact with key stakeholders and determine their expectations.

Test Planning

  • Develop testing strategies for software development.
  • Define test objectives, scope, and deliverables.
  • Allocate resources, including testing environments and tools.

Test Design

  • Create test cases, test scripts, and test data.
  • Design test scenarios for different testing types (e.g., functional, regression, performance).

Test Environment Setup and Test Execution

  • Prepare the testing environment to replicate the production environment.
  • Configure necessary hardware and software components.
  • Execute test cases manually or automate them using testing tools.
  • Record test results and document any defects or issues.

Regression Testing

  • Conduct regression testing to ensure that new changes do not impact existing functionality negatively.

Test Reporting and Continuous Improvement

  • Generate test reports summarizing test progress, coverage, and defect status.
  • Share reports with stakeholders for review.
  • Collect feedback from testing cycles and stakeholders.
  • Implement improvements in testing processes and methodologies.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the primary types of Testing Services offered for Software Development projects?

Primary testing services include Functional, Regression, Non-Functional Usability, Performance, and Security Testing.

What are Testing Software Companies?

Testing software companies are companies that specialize in providing software testing services. These companies focus on assessing and ensuring the quality, functionality, performance, and security of software applications. Their services include various testing types such as functional testing, regression testing, performance testing, and more.

What are Testing strategies for Software Development?

Testing strategies for software development are comprehensive plans that outline how software testing will be conducted. These strategies define the scope, objectives, and methods for testing, ensuring the systematic and practical evaluation of a software product's quality and functionality.

What are Quality Assurance Services for Software Development Companies?

Quality assurance services for software development companies encompass activities that ensure the quality, reliability, and performance of software products through testing, documentation, process improvement, and defect management.

What is QA and Testing for Software Development Companies?

QA and testing for software development companies involves evaluating and ensuring the quality, functionality, and reliability of software products through various testing processes.