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Want your product to stand out in a competitive market? Hiring mobile app testers is the answer. They'll spot errors and help you create a unique, user-friendly app. Learn how to hire mobile app testers and why it's essential.
How can you make your product unique and meet what customers want?
It's simple – hire mobile app testers.
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Why Is Mobile Testing So Important?

When you hire QA engineers, you get that extra help. There are even better reasons to hire mobile app testers.
Enhanced User Experience icon

Enhanced User Experience

Testing services identify usability issues, ensuring every aspect of your app is intuitive and user-friendly. From smooth navigation to clickable buttons, they optimize the user experience.
Security Assurance   icon

Security Assurance

Ensuring data security and user privacy is crucial for apps handling sensitive information. Hire mobile testers to help ensure a smooth release and build a solid reputation.
Increased Compatibility   icon

Increased Compatibility

The app should work well across devices, screen sizes, and operating systems. Additional functions involving buttons and gestures on different models should maintain the app's flow.
Cost-Effective   icon


Fixing issues before the app launch can save costs in the long run. Hire mobile testers to ensure a thorough and efficient testing process.
Bug Detection And Resolution icon

Bug Detection And Resolution

Detecting bugs and glitches at an early stage can prevent future complications with the app. Hire mobile app testers to catch issues before your users do.
Stay Competitive icon

Stay Competitive

Users are at the heart of any software's success. To stay ahead of the competition, it's crucial to hire mobile testers who are experts in their field.

Types Of Mobile Testing We Provide

API Testing  icon

API Testing 

Many processes occur behind the scenes of the user interface, so we are pleased to provide API testing to ensure your peace of mind, even for those parts of the business logic that users do not see.
Usability Testing icon

Usability Testing

Testing services can improve app usability by identifying navigation issues and unintuitive interfaces. It's essential to ensure buttons and fields are easily clickable since users navigate mobile phones with their fingers.
Manual Testing icon

Manual Testing

We assess how the app works, how easy it is to use, and if it works on different devices. Our testers do this to find problems with appearance and functionality of the app, providing a positive user experience.
Automation Testing  icon

Automation Testing

This is like having a super-fast and super-accurate tester. We use special tools to test the app's features and how fast and secure it is. Automation testing saves time, gives good test coverage, and provides a quick error report after application changes.
Security Testing  icon

Security Testing

We ensure your app follows the security protocols and keeps user data safe. It keeps users' trust and protects their info from the wrong stuff.
Functional Testing icon

Functional Testing

Our team checks if all app features work as they should by conducting comprehensive end-to-end regression tests.
Compatibility Testing icon

Compatibility Testing

People use all sorts of devices. We ensure your app works well on all intended devices. This testing also helps ensure that as many people can use your app as possible.
Design Testing icon

Design Testing

Checking elements of the graphical user interface for compliance with design and functionality requirements.
Performance Testing icon

Performance Testing

As many applications run on mobile devices, it is crucial to ensure your application does not crash or slow down the phone's overall performance. Hence, mobile optimization becomes a top priority.

Let’s discuss your project

If you're looking for a reliable and efficient mobile app testing service, look no further! Our team of experts is here to help you quickly achieve your goals. Don't hesitate to contact us today and take the first step towards a successful mobile app testing experience!

Our Expertise

We leverage and excel in cutting-edge technologies, enabling us to provide comprehensive testing coverage. Our expertise includes:

BrowserStack icon


BrowserStack provides testing capabilities across various devices and OS versions, ensuring comprehensive coverage.
Appium icon


Appium is an open-source project and ecosystem designed to facilitate UI automation of many app platforms, including mobile (iOS, Android, Tizen).
XCUITest icon


It is a test automation framework used for UI testing of mobile apps and web applications on iOS devices such as iPads and iPhones.
Espresso icon


It is an Android testing framework that simplifies writing reliable and concise UI tests, supporting running tests on real devices and emulators.
Sauce Labs icon

Sauce Labs

Sauce Labs helps to ensure your mobile apps function correctly, with extensive test coverage and continuous feedback loops throughout the development cycle.
AWS Device Farm icon

AWS Device Farm

It is a testing service that allows you to test your mobile and web applications, helping to improve their performance.

How Can You Obtain Quality Mobile Testing Services?

We aim to be your reliable partner in mobile app testing, and our team is always ready to help enhance the quality of your software. Hire mobile app testers to ascertain that your software upholds the highest standards of quality and efficiency.

Contact Us

All you need to do is provide us with your email or arrange a call, and within 24 hours, we'll be ready to consult you. Moreover, we're prepared to commence work on your project as soon as the next day, ensuring a swift and efficient start to our collaboration.

Evaluation Of The Project

Our team will thoroughly examine your project to comprehend its specifications and needs. We'll evaluate the extent of the work involved and identify the most efficient strategies, including the option to hire mobile app testers, to assist you in reaching your objectives.

Start Testing

As soon as all the details are agreed upon, and the contract is signed, we can start work immediately.

Support And Feedback

We stay in close contact with you throughout the testing process, providing regular updates and progress reports. We value your feedback and are ready to adjust quickly to optimize the testing process.

Completion And Analysis

Upon completion of the testing process, we will carry out a thorough examination of the results we've gathered and compile a report for your review. We will also discuss the next steps and possible ways to improve your software.
We are also committed to providing long-term support for your testing needs, ensuring sustained quality and efficiency.

Why Choose Luxe Quality As Your Mobile App Testing Company?

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Quick Start

We start working on your project within 24-72 hours.
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Free Trial

We offer a 40-hour trial. Take a moment to assess our services and see how we work.
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Our Expertise

Our experts boast over 200 successful projects in their portfolio. With extensive experience spanning diverse industries, we deliver excellence tailored to your unique needs.
Customized Approach icon

Customized Approach

At Luxe Quality, we understand that each product is unique and strive to communicate the needs and desires of our clients.
Saves Money icon

Saves Money

Hiring our trained QA team is a cost-effective choice. They can find and report issues. We share updates and data when clients want them.
Flexibility icon


You can easily change the size of your QA team based on your current needs and flexible working hours for various specialists.

40 hours of free testing

Luxe Quality has a special offer tailored for potential long-term customers who are interested in starting a pilot project.
We are offering our software testing services for free for the first 40 hours.

Case Studies


Photo site





Implementation time:

Nov 2021 – Jan 2022

About project: is a company that offers a wide range of opportunities to optimize the production of digital advertising and increase its productivity. 


Manual, Functional, Automation, Usability, and Performance testing;

Automation testing: JS + TestimIO


Manual and automated test cases have achieved coverage for 90% of the core functionalities.




Photo BlueReceipt site






Implementation time:

May 2021 - Feb 2022

About project:

BlueReceipt is an IT company specializing in SMS marketing automation for E-Commerce brands.


Regression, Functional, Automation, Security, Usability testing;

Automation E2E testing TypeScript + WebdriverIO


Automated E2E tests cover 80% of the application's functionality.




Photo Schoolio site






Implementation time:

Oct 2022 – Dec 2022

About project:

Schoolio is an online platform for elementary education.


Manual, Automation, Functional, Smoke, Regression and Usability testing;

Automation testing - Typescript + WebdriverIO.


200 bug reports, 200 tests (126 automated) improved quality and user experience.


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For effective results, integrate mobile app testing services at multiple project stages: design, development, pre-launch, and post-launch. Early testing can identify issues during the design phase. Regular testing during development helps resolve bugs. Comprehensive testing before launch ensures the app is market-ready. Ongoing testing after launch is essential for maintaining performance, especially after updates or when new devices or OS versions are released.
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