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Reliable and high-quality software is essential for market platforms, which are key elements of modern business. Luxe Quality has experience in testing and quality control software for projects in this industry. We work with leading platforms to provide reliable and efficient solutions that support their operations and keep them running smoothly.

How is Luxe Quality doing with that?

After reviewing the data on Luxe Quality's activities in the field of testing and quality control of software for market sites, the following indicators can be distinguished:
5800+ hours

Total number of working hours

4 projects

Successfully completed

14 months

Average project duration

Our cases

Photo AGM site



Country: Canada

Platforms: Web

Implementation time: May 2022

About project: AGM Renovations has been renovating bathrooms, kitchens, and floors for almost two decades.

  • Manual; Functional; and Regression testing;
  • Ad hoc testing;
  • Automation; Functional testing.
Technologies: WebdriverIO +TypeScript, GitHub Actions, Allure Report
Result: 300+ items by checklists were checked, and about 50 test ones for were automated to provide testing on CI/.
Photo Media marketplace site

Media marketplace


Country: Singapore

Platforms: Web

Implementation time: Aug 2021 - present

About project: Automated QA Development for Video Assets Marketplace.

  • Manual; Security; Usability; Accessibility; and Nonfunctional testing;
  • Automation; Regression; Functional; API Testing.
  • Web testing: JS + WebdriverIO + Allure on CircleCI;
  • API Testing: Postman + Newman for smoke tests Runscope for Contract and E2E.
  • 2000+ test cases which are covered by 1500+E2E tests;
  • 1700+E2E API tests with contract testing, 27 min test execution takes.
Photo Property eye site

Property eye

Real Estate

Country: Netherlands

Platforms: Web and Mobile

Implementation time: Feb 2022 - present

About project: PropertEye is a smart all-in-one app that allows a private real estate investor to find, buy, rent, and manage suitable investments.

Services: Manual; Automation; Regressio; Smoke testing.
Technologies: Java+Cucumber+Appium; Browser Stack; GitHub.
Result: 150+regression test cases were automated, on average one test took 3 minutes.


Common implementation steps for the marketplace industry:
Research the requirements and market for your solution. Determine the purpose of the product and key aspects of testing.
Plan your testing. Select test priorities, resources, and schedules.
Create test scripts. Check out all the important features and specifications of your solution.
Prepare the test environment. Simulate real conditions of using the system.
Run tests. Record and analyze the results, and find errors and problems.
Analyze the results and write a report. Evaluate the effectiveness of testing and give recommendations for correcting errors.
Fix and retest the system. Make sure all bugs are fixed.
Final approval and release. After completing all stages of testing, approve your solution.
Following this step-by-step guide, you can develop and test a robust and efficient Marketplace Software Testing and QA solution that meets user needs and delivers a high-quality experience.

Features of the Marketplace Software Testing & QA

Variety of Platforms
Marketplace applications are often opened from different platforms, such as laptops, computers, phones, tablets, and even modern TVs.
The user should be able to choose a product from any platform without problems. Testing the application's behavior on different platforms will allow the user to become your regular customer.
Variety of Platforms icon
Emphasis on Certain Types of Testing
In today's digital world, ensuring the app provides maximum value to the user is paramount.
For app marketplaces, convenience, functionality, and security of user data are of the utmost importance. The platform's ability to provide quality services to many users simultaneously is also important. We always pay special attention to this and create tests based on user expectations
Emphasis on Certain Types of Testing icon
Compliance with Industry Standards
While testing your product, we ensure it meets the standards and norms accepted in the industry. To monitor compliance-specific regulatory requirements for your target audience and location, we analyze the following key aspects:
  • Platform Standards
  • Legislative Standards
  • Security Standards
  • Performance Standards
Compliance with Industry Standards icon
Integration with Other Applications, Microservices and Platforms
Many marketplaces are fighting for every customer. It is critical that the resource functions reliably and without failures. For this purpose, we offer integration testing with payment systems and testing external services (delivery, monitoring, analytics, etc.).
Integration with Other Applications, Microservices and Platforms icon

Why choose Luxe Quality


With a proven track record of success in the marketplace industry, we bring practical knowledge to each project.

Practical Solutions

Our team creates innovative testing solutions that ensure smooth operations and help you maintain a competitive edge. 

Wide range of services

We provide services tailored to your marketplace's unique needs. 

Cutting-edge technology

We continuously update our knowledge and innovate our practices. 

Industry compliance

Each project starts with monitoring and researching industry standards, regulatory requirements, and security measures for the marketplace's location. 

Integration expertise

Our seamless integration with external platforms, microservices, and other applications guarantees accuracy in data exchange, order processing, and more. 

Step-by-Step testing

We emphasize thorough and consistent testing across platforms, encompassing security, performance, functionality, and compatibility. 

User loyalty

Our testing ensures product quality and fosters user loyalty by delivering reliable and secure solutions. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the role of Testing in the competitive world of online Marketplaces? 

Testing ensures trading platforms' quality, security, and reliability, giving them a competitive advantage by improving user experience. 

How to ensure the security of users' data in a Marketplace? 

To ensure data security, many measures are applied, including encryption of data in transit and storage, regular vulnerability testing, and strict data access management using role-based policies. 

What are the specifics of Performance Testing for a Marketplace? 

Apply load testing using realistic scenarios, emulating simultaneous requests from thousands of users to assess how the platform handles the load and determine its maximum capabilities. 

How do you Test the quality of product search on the Marketplace? 

Creates test scenarios for different search queries, including synonyms and typos, to ensure users find the right products quickly and easily. The accuracy and relevance of search results are also evaluated.