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Jan 16, 2023

PropertEye - Web and Mobile testing implementation

Real estate

Web and Mobile




Feb 2022 - Present

Implementation time


PropertEye is a smart all-in-one app that allows a private real estate investor, to find, buy, rent and manage suitable investments. PropertEye app allows finding everything needed to successfully expand, manage and sell your real estate portfolio.


We understand that searching for workers for a project is always difficult and painstaking work, therefore our company, receiving job requirements, carefully selects a tester from our team.

The search for candidates was carried out on the basis of the following main tasks:

  • Collaborate with project team members to define testing scope and approach
  • Report test results, status, concerns, and risks
  • Develop and execute test cases for assigned project work
  • Conduct post-production release testing

The following requirements were set for the candidate by customer:

  • Knowledge of native mobile and web applications
  • Knowledge of React Native
  • Skilled troubleshooter
  • Familiarity with Agile development processes, and Scrum
  • Written and verbal communication skills in English

Candidates were selected taking into account all requirements, abilities and desire of the candidates to undertake the tasks. After that, the customer conducted interviews.


Unit testing was conducted by the developers.


  1. User stories testing. 
    The first step was testing user stories to understand the product better, and what problem it was solving. This is very important for testing because testers need to understand the user's train of thought and think through all possible and less likely scenarios of interaction with the product.
    Also, familiarization with user scenarios is part of documentation testing. It is essential to understand whether all the steps have been considered, and how far the written scenario corresponds to reality.
  2. Documenting tests.
    Documentation in the project greatly facilitates the development process and directly affects the quality of the product. At this stage, the QA team documented tests for regression testing for each feature that the customer required.
    This approach helps to keep track of all parts of the application that are affected by a new functionality or feature and to test it.
  3. Automating tests.
    For the web application, the tests were written in Java using the Selenium framework. Cucumber was used to better understand the content of the tests and the scenario. For the mobile application, Java+Selenium+Cucumber was also used, as well as Appium+Browserstack for the possibility of automated interaction with the mobile application. Verification in automated testing was carried out mainly by text, links, and buttons.
  4. Testing and support.
    Next, new features are tested manually every sprint and the necessary automated tests are launched. Regression, smoke, sanitary testing, and support of all changes in the product are carried out until today.


Web and mobile application testing was implemented. Smoke and regression testing was performed manually every sprint. Automated testing was done using Java+Selenium+Cucumber for main web application functionality and also Appium+Browserstack for mobile application.

Also managed the QA team as a QA lead.

The project continues successfully.


The main result that client wanted to succeed was done. Software testing was provided. The first versions of the application were released into production without any Major bugs. 6 Minor bugs were found through testing and fixed after the first release.


"So far, we’re happy with our collaboration. Their tester adapts very well to our environment and completes testing processes in a very short time. He’s been able to find very important information during the testing processes, understand the priorities of the project, and create reports on time. Also, their team works flexibly to align with our schedule and capacity needs."

Serhan Tatar

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Services provided
  • Manual testing
  • Regression testing
  • Functional testing
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