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Oct 31, 2023

Symbiosis of efficiency: Testing and Software Development for SaaS Project






Sept 2022 - Present

Implementation time

This project is unique for our company because we successfully combined our experience and expertise in providing software development and testing services. This cooperation allowed us to significantly reduce the resources required to implement changes and improve the product, which allowed our client to be more competitive in the market of SaaS solutions.


The company develops and implements innovative solutions to increase the efficiency of enterprises, ensuring optimal automation and optimization of work processes. Their services help clients improve operations, increase productivity and achieve greater success in today's digital world.


There was no testing process. The project was not accompanied by test documentation. There was a need for further software development.


Our specialists were assigned the task of developing software for the backend. An equally important task was to improve existing unit tests for efficiently operating scrapers. In parallel with this, difficulties appeared that required additional effort.



The architecture of the Cypress framework does not allow for storing dynamic data in a convenient format

It was decided to use the Singleton instance approach for efficient work with dynamic data, which allowed to provide a single point of access to the object and guaranteed its global availability 

The app has extensive integration with other apps and takes a lot of time to test  

Our specialist suggested testing the API, and this idea was supported. This solution led to a reduction in the execution time of all tests and a reduction in the possibility of instability and random failings. 

During the development of web scrapers, it was found that some of them take too long to execute due to large amounts of data, slow website response, and inconvenient API. 

New sync and asynchronous aiohttp libraries have been added, which speed up the operation of the web application 

The need to parallelize and speed up the work of scrapers 

The idea of using a proxy service was proposed and supported. The implementation process is underway 


Complete testing of new functionality is provided using both automated and manual approaches. On a technical level, the following tools were used: JavaScript, Cypress and GitHub Actions to ensure seamless integration. 

Jenkins was used for automated build and deployment to test and production environments. The backend and crawler architecture is based on Python and MongoDB. In addition to working on existing bugs and adding new functionality in the front end, the focus is on development using JavaScript and the robust Vue.js framework. At the same time, special attention is paid to writing unit tests to maintain high-reliability stability and ensure excellent product quality. 


This project stood out thanks to our specialists' unique combination of knowledge and skills. Our team contributed to both the testing process and software development. We want to share the features that arose on this project. 

From the viewpoint of testing, our specialists faced challenges using Cypress, where certain limitations required a careful and detailed approach to work around them and find practical solutions. When preparing for each test on the Cypress platform, creating and deleting a user on the external Keycloak web resource was necessary.  

From a development perspective, our team has continued to improve and expand the app's functionality. An innovative function proposed and successfully implemented by our specialist became especially important. Now, users can enter the application with a Bom file and view new items that are similar in characteristics to those already selected. This feature significantly improved the user experience by providing more product coverage.   


  • The tests cover 95% of the functionality. This significantly increased the project's reliability and quality assurance.
  • Around 50 defects were found, thanks to which it was possible to identify and eliminate errors in the product. This testifies to the effectiveness of the conducted testing and the increased quality of the software solution. 
  • UI testing was conducted, which gave the customer confidence that the user interface of his software product works correctly, providing ease of interaction and an excellent user experience. 
  • Back-end development.This approach aims to improve existing functions and introduce new functionality to meet users' needs.
Services provided
  • Manual testing
  • Smoke testing
  • Functional testing
  • Automation testing
  • Usability testing
  • Integration testing
QA Technologies used
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