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Oct 13, 2023

Manual Testing for E-Commerce Platform




United Kingdom


Sept 2022 — Nov 2023

Implementation time


It is an independent, international group of companies with over 10,000 employees worldwide, active in 32 countries. With a strong focus on creating seamless and user-friendly platforms, they offer a wide range of products and services, making online shopping and trading more convenient and efficient.


The project had not been released, but some builds were modified approximately 100 times and tested by the developers.


The project aimed to conduct manual testing to identify bugs and usability issues on the website. Our QA implemented changes related to form field restrictions, design, and translations.

Let us share with you some aspects of the work on this project.



To detect and document defects in both existing and recently developed functionality 

More than 100 bug reports were created to identify and document issues in both existing and newly developed functionality, with ongoing monitoring of the bug statuses and regular communication with developers for updates and clarifications 

No testing documentation 

Documentation was created, which included simple test cases in the form of checklists, smoke test checklists, and bug reports


The project encompassed standard web development, including animations, interactive maps, and contact forms. To test such features, it was necessary to gather information about all expected outcomes and test them using various approaches.


Our team conducted manual testing only. While the automated testing was out of scope in this project, we would like to tell you about the technologies directly related to the testing process.  

  • Excel and Word: Test data Management tools used to create and manage test data required for manual testing. 
  • Jira: Project management and issue tracking tool for efficient task management and collaboration.  


  • Effectiveness of the testing process: More than 100 bug reports were created. They contained detailed descriptions of identified defects, including their nature, severity, and potential impact on the application's functionality. Over 800 test cases ensured comprehensive evaluation and validation, enhancing software quality and reliability. 
  • Improved application performance: The user can now quickly switch between functionalities. All the integrated services are optimized, ensuring a seamless and continuous user flow. This optimization resulted in a smooth user experience.  
  • Cost Savings: Identifying and resolving issues during the development phase through testing helped avoid expensive post-release bug fixes and maintenance. As a result, the client could save on development and support costs.  
  • The application was successfully released and continues to progress in the market.  


Requirements Gathering 

The team worked closely with the client to understand and document their needs and expectations.  

Manual Testing Planning and Setup 

Configured test environments and installed necessary tools, browsers, and software required for testing.   

Test Execution 

Followed the necessary steps, inputting relevant data as required. Compared actual results against expected results and noted any discrepancies.   

Regression Testing 

Conducted regression testing to make sure fixed issues did not introduce new problems every sprint.  

Bug Reporting   

Our team documented over 100 bug reports throughout the testing process to provide clear and comprehensive documentation.  

Test Closure 

Reviewed the overall testing results to ensure coverage and completion. Shared testing results and insights with project stakeholders.  

Continuous Improvement 

Continuous communication with the team and stakeholders addressed any quality improvements or changes in the application.  

We completed these steps to elevate the quality and performance of the project in the E-commerce industry.  

Services provided
  • Manual testing
  • Smoke testing
  • Regression testing
  • Functional testing
  • Integration testing
QA Technologies used
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