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Luxe Quality is a company that provides quality assurance services. We help businesses add value and rethink their business through the timely detection of bugs in your product.
  • Founder, Senior QA Vadym Morozov photo

    Vadym Morozov

    Founder, Senior QA

    Vadym, the Founder and Senior AQA of our company, combines extensive expertise with a visionary approach to propel our business onto the global stage. His deep commitment to innovation in marketing and sales ensures we consistently surpass our goals. Outside the office, he indulges in yoga, Nordic walkingand enjoys exploring the city. Vadym dreams of seeing our company become a major player on the world stage and strives to make this dream come true.

  • CEO, Senior QA Volodymyr Klymenko photo

    Volodymyr Klymenko

    CEO, Senior QA

    Volodymyr is an expert in contract management, process optimization, and team coordination. As a senior QA, he excels in mentoring and writing technical articles. Volodymyr is passionate about reading books with subtle humour. Drawing on his extensive experience in logistics, including his role as Director at a logistics company, Volodymyr has effectively leveraged his expertise to facilitate a successful transition into the IT industry.

  • CTO, Senior QA Leonid Mayevskiy photo

    Leonid Mayevskiy

    CTO, Senior QA

    Leonid is an experienced CTO and Senior AQA who specializes in developing new services and optimizing production performance. Technically proficient in JS, Python, Docker, and SQL, Leonid also excels in Agile and SCRUM methodologies and pair programming. Leonid’s expertise is not limited to technical skills as he is committed to nurturing talent, providing guidance, and fostering a supportive work culture.

  • QA Andrii Pivtorak photo

    Andrii Pivtorak


    Specializes in testing websites, desktop and mobile applications, and APIs. Andrii also has experience in sales. Parallel to this, he created several websites, eventually finding that IT was more inspiring than sales, leading to a satisfying career shift. Outside of work, he enjoys cycling and often spends time outdoors with his family, whether for walks or at the seaside.

  • Senior QA Oleksandr Baior photo

    Oleksandr Baior

    Senior QA

    Oleksandr is passionate about creating automated tests using various frameworks like to ensure software quality. He enjoys exploring new places and has even won wrestling competitions. Before joining the company, he spent seven years working at a state-owned enterprise in the mining industry.

  • Chief Business Development Officer Maksym Shulhin photo

    Maksym Shulhin

    Chief Business Development Officer

    As the Chief Inspiration Officer, Maksym brings a creative spark to every project, turning fresh ideas into sales-boosting strategies. Outside work, he enjoys photography, martial arts, and learning new skills like Spanish and software testing. Intending to earn a 1st Dan black belt in Jiu-Jitsu and visit Spain, Maksym is constantly on the move to learn and grow personally and professionally.

  • Mentor, Senior QA Oleksandr Mazur photo

    Oleksandr Mazur

    Mentor, Senior QA

    Oleksandr is a highly skilled professional with a background in Automation Engineering. His expertise lies in developing robust test frameworks and implementing efficient automation strategies to ensure the delivery of high-quality software products. With a keen eye for detail and a passion for continuous improvement, Oleksandr consistently strives to optimize testing processes.

  • Mentor, Senior QA Vasyl Dushevin photo

    Vasyl Dushevin

    Mentor, Senior QA

    Among Vasyl 's responsibilities are helping the client implement QA practices on the project, setting up new testing pipelines, and maintaining and improving existing ones. He likes to create automated tests using the Python programming language. Vasyl enjoys strategic video games, playing chess, swimming, and jogging in his free time.

  • QA Yurii Nahorniuk photo

    Yurii Nahorniuk


    Since childhood, Yurii has been fascinated by technology and various innovations. With a background in teaching Spanish and English, as well as foreign literature, he found his niche in manual QA, testing the functionality of web applications. He thrives on working with new things and finds excitement in challenges. Yurii also enjoys camping with friends to unwind and recharge for new challenges.

  • QA Zhanna Pelenska photo

    Zhanna Pelenska


    Zhanna specializes in both manual and automated software testing. Some of her responsibilities include analyzing requirements, planning and optimizing the testing process, and maintaining the test documentation. She is skilled in various technologies, such as WebdriverIO and Playwright, and is proficient in API automated testing. Zhanna is passionate about traveling and capturing videos of her journeys, caring for stray animals, and dreaming of opening a cat shelter.

  • Team Lead, React Developer Denys Herasymov photo

    Denys Herasymov

    Team Lead, React Developer

    Denys excels in code reviews and task allocation within the team. His keen interest is JavaScript animation. He values family time and enjoys leisurely activities like walks, board games, and continuous learning.

  • Mentor, Senior QA Andrii Kravchenko photo

    Andrii Kravchenko

    Mentor, Senior QA

    Andrii is an expert in both manual and automated testing, with a keen interest in automating tests to improve efficiency in the software testing process. His cool-headed and responsible approach ensures meticulous attention to detail in his work. In his free time, Andrii enjoys extreme sports like biking, scootering, rollerblading, skateboarding, and go-karting. He's also passionate about hiking in off-the-beaten-path locations, dreaming of mountain biking adventures.

  • Mentor, Senior QA Bohdan Mushta photo

    Bohdan Mushta

    Mentor, Senior QA

    Bogdan is an expert in web and API testing and is adept at using various tools to solve complex problems. Beyond his primary focus, he is interested in design, technology, and self-improvement within his professional field. Bohdan's hobbies include watching IT-related programs and traveling, which enrich his expertise and broaden his horizons.

  • QA Diana Voitsekhovska photo

    Diana Voitsekhovska


    Diana is a skilled QA Automation Engineer proficient in developing automated tests with Playwright JS and WebdriverIO and integrating tests with TestRail. She balances a strong technical background with interests in travel, reading, and music, aiming for continuous professional growth and personal enrichment.

  • Senior QA, Scrum Master Oleksandr Leonov photo

    Oleksandr Leonov

    Senior QA, Scrum Master

    Oleksandr, a Senior QA engineer and experienced Scrum Master, brings a valuable expertise, especially within the healthcare industry. With a background in automating computer systems, his primary focus is enhancing processes through test automation. Oleksandr's method of streamlining processes ensures thorough quality assurance, resulting in reliable, secure, and efficient systems. Outside work, he enjoys unwinding by immersing himself in playing chess, swimming, and jogging to recharge.

  • QA Vladyslav Zavalii photo

    Vladyslav Zavalii


    Vladyslav specializes in automating test cases and creating test documentation and finds joy in automation and working with code. Beyond his professional life, he cherishes family time and keeps up with IT innovations via videos, aspiring to develop his own product.

  • QA Tetiana Chuiasova photo

    Tetiana Chuiasova


    Tetiana has a profound IT education and specializes in manual and automated testing of web and mobile applications. With her broad experience as a manual QA and UI/UX designer, she recently expanded her expertise into training, code reviews, and article verification. Outside of work, she finds joy in archery, singing, and training.

  • QA Volodymyr Hasyn photo

    Volodymyr Hasyn


    As an Automation QA, Volodymyr has experience in web and mobile automation and manual testing. He enjoys working with mobile apps and automating them using TS+Appium+WebdriverIO. His hobbies are drawing, solving puzzles, and building. Family is important to Volodymyr, and he likes to spend time with them. He has also worked as a bartender, a restaurant manager, and in the construction industry. These experiences have honed his adaptability and versatility.

  • QA Vadym Krysan photo

    Vadym Krysan


    Vadym is skilled manual QA specialist with expertise in usability testing. He tests complex functionality that may be difficult for an automation specialist to handle. Vadym also tests the interface, navigation, and overall user flow, identifying areas for improvement and suggesting enhancements to optimize usability. Inspired by nature, he enjoys leisurely walks in the fresh air.

  • QA Anton Bodnar photo

    Anton Bodnar


    Anton specializes in software testing and focuses on exploring various security testing methods. He has a background in Cybersecurity and is a professional in automation testing for web and mobile apps. Anton finds particular interest in working with APIs. His hobby is the exploration of new methods and strategies for effective information management.

  • Frontend Engineer Serhii Savchenko photo

    Serhii Savchenko

    Frontend Engineer

    Serhii specializes in creating comprehensive solutions for web applications. Outside of work, Serhii enjoys dog training, reading, and outdoor activities such as football and running. He dreams of visiting the North and South Poles, encouraging others to consider such unique adventures.

  • QA Iryna Taranenko photo

    Iryna Taranenko


    Iryna is an experienced AQA Engineer who is passionate about exploring new technologies. She continuously enhances her skills through professional growth and personal learning. Away from work, she loves camping and hiking in the mountains. Before entering the tech industry, Iryna worked as a Сhemical technologist, adding a unique perspective to her current role.

  • Team Lead, QA Bohdan Alieinykov photo

    Bohdan Alieinykov

    Team Lead, QA

    As an AQA Engineer, Bohdan excels in software quality and reliability. With a solid foundation in JS, HTML, CSS, and Jest, he specializes in Black, White, and Gray Box testing. His skills in creating comprehensive test cases and bug reports and proficiency in sanity, smoke, and regression testing make him a vital asset in the tech field.

  • Senior QA Taras Derman photo

    Taras Derman

    Senior QA

    Taras is passionate about web automation and proficient in frameworks like Playwright, WebdriverIO, and Cypress. He excels in setting up end-to-end testing processes from inception to CI/CD integration. Taras enjoys playing airsoft, film photography, and spending time with family and friends. He also dreams of obtaining a pilot's license and participating in auto rallies. Taras's infectious sense of humor, coupled with his professionalism, makes him a beloved member of the team.

  • Python Developer Kirill Siusko photo

    Kirill Siusko

    Python Developer

    With a background in computer engineering, specializes in developing and supporting high-load and scalable server applications. In his leisure time, he indulges in sim racing as a hobby and maintains an active lifestyle through physical exercise. One of Kirill's dreams is to experience the thrill of driving a McLaren 720S GT3 Evo on the Monza racing track.

  • Python Developer Dmytro Lutsiv photo

    Dmytro Lutsiv

    Python Developer

    Dmytro is an experienced Python Developer passionate about developing scalable and efficient server-side applications, parsers, and Telegram bots. He has a technical background in computer engineering and is always eager to take on challenging tasks and improve his skills. Dmytro enjoys playing chess and photography, attending programming courses, and keeping up with the latest trends in data science.

  • Frontend developer Oleksandr Rudnyk photo

    Oleksandr Rudnyk

    Frontend developer

    Oleksandr is passionate about crafting visually appealing and user-friendly web interfaces. Eager to learn and grow, stay updated with the latest trends and technologies in the frontend development space. He is dedicated to Nordic walking and even achieved a silver cup in this kind of sport. His hobby is numismatics. He made a swimming career with a candidate master of sports grade. He also invented and patented a new type of vehicle engine.

  • Frontend developer Oleksii Prokopchenko photo

    Oleksii Prokopchenko

    Frontend developer

    Oleksii is a frontend developer with expertise in React/Next.js, specializing in implementing new website features and designs. In his leisure time, Oleksii finds joy in cooking diverse dishes, engaging in competitive gaming, playing tabletop RPGs, and hiking. With a foundation in physics and a background in AI data annotation, he harbors ambitions of attaining the esteemed title of an international chess master.

  • Account Manager Konstantin Didenko photo

    Konstantin Didenko

    Account Manager

    Konstantin excels in offering technical assistance to the sales team by configuring CRM systems, automating outreach processes, and providing comprehensive team support. Outside of work, he enjoys delving into new technologies and programming languages. Konstantin has a strong interest in cybersecurity and constantly seeks to enhance his knowledge in this area. He is enthusiastic about travel and exploring new destinations, which fuels his adaptability and global perspective.

  • Project Manager Roman Lukashevych photo

    Roman Lukashevych

    Project Manager

    A skilled Product Manager with additional sales expertise, boasting a successful track record of implementing numerous projects. He has hands-on experience in project requirements elicitation, software development methodologies, customer interaction, risk management, and creating project specifications. Outside of work, Roman enjoys outdoor activities such as football and running.

  • UI/UX Designer Viktoriia Kadema photo

    Viktoriia Kadema

    UI/UX Designer

    Viktoria focuses on enhancing usability and aesthetics in both our products and client projects. Transitioning from radio technology to UI/UX design, she found her true passion in crafting intuitive digital interfaces. Additionally, she was part of a hockey team that won the Ukrainian championship, showcasing her teamwork, dedication and commitment to continuous improvement. Victoria likes to stay active outside of work and dreams of a cozy house with a little workshop.

  • UI/UX Designer Kateryna Zybina photo

    Kateryna Zybina

    UI/UX Designer

    UI/UX designer who is passionate about creating smart digital experiences with a problem-solving approach. Kateryna dreams of her design agency being a creative hub where visionary design solutions meet innovative problem-solving. She finds inspiration in drawing, stretching, and literature. She enjoys moments of creativity and relaxation, accompanied by her furry friend Leo.

  • Copywriter Oleksandra Myronova photo

    Oleksandra Myronova


    Oleksandra is a content creator who focuses on writing informative and engaging texts for marketing purposes. She constantly seeks new knowledge and skills through reading, writing. Oleksandra is an active member of the writing community. In her free time, she enjoys listening to music, playing table tennis, and taking care of stray animals.

  • HR Specialist Olena Misakova photo

    Olena Misakova

    HR Specialist

    Olena is a professional HR specialist with expertise in recruiting and staffing, personnel administration, and providing employee support and guidance. She enjoys interacting and communicating with people, and her openness and positive outlook help her in this. She is passionate about fitness, aspiring to become a fitness model. Olena values spending time with friends, walking her dog, fishing, and going to the gym in her free time.

  • Team Lead, Copywriter Yana Oliinyk photo

    Yana Oliinyk

    Team Lead, Copywriter

    Yana believes that expressing one’s thoughts clearly and succinctly is a true art. For her, copywriting is about unveiling new and complex information to everyone. With a background in information technology, she brings a unique perspective to her work. Yana’s calm demeanor and a strong sense of responsibility make her a valuable part of our team. Yana enjoys playing the violin, horseback riding, and cherishing moments with friends and family in her free time.

  • Graphic Designer Maria Kudlai photo

    Maria Kudlai

    Graphic Designer

    Maria is a skilled graphic designer specializing in adding engaging illustrations to content and managing the look of social media. She's great at making carousel posts that are easy to understand. Her lifelong passion for art and design, which she has nurtured since childhood, is evident in her work. Maria dreams of starting a design school for kids, where she can share her knowledge with young minds and inspire them to dream big.

  • Graphic Designer Daria Afanasieva photo

    Daria Afanasieva

    Graphic Designer

    Daria is skilled in producing advertising materials, presentation designs, illustrations, and editing videos. She focuses on digital drawings and design for social media and websites. She enjoys drawing in her spare time, and enhances her skills by learning programming languages. As a true art lover, Daria aspires to visit the Louvre someday.

  • Copywriter Julia Cherno photo

    Julia Cherno


    Julia is a professional copywriter specializing in creating content for articles, web pages, and social media platforms. Her interests lie in psychology, yoga, MAK and storytelling therapy. Julia also develops transformative training programs and games. Currently, she plans to write a captivating science fiction novel.

  • Sales Manager Yevhenii Stasenko photo

    Yevhenii Stasenko

    Sales Manager

    With a strategic approach and a deep understanding of target markets, Yevhenii effectively identifies and engages potential leads to drive sales and revenue growth. He is experienced in utilizing various lead-generation techniques, including cold calling, email marketing, social media outreach, and lead nurturing. Yevhenii enjoys exploring the great outdoors, whether hiking or camping.

  • SMM Specialist Olesia Shykun photo

    Olesia Shykun

    SMM Specialist

    Skilled SMM professional with expertise in marketing, brand positioning, and consumer behavior analysis. Olesia has a proven track record in developing effective SMM strategies, creating engaging content, and analyzing data. She collaborates seamlessly with cross-functional teams and enjoys conquering new challenges, from climbing mountains to skiing, cycling, yoga, and animal flow.


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