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Jul 26, 2023

Driving Excellence: Resilience Lab and Luxe Quality's Collaboration






Jul 2022 - Present

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In the rapidly growing field of health-tech startups, Resilience Lab stands out as a company dedicated to improving access to psychological care. With a team of over 200 clinical professionals, they have successfully delivered over 100,000 therapy sessions since their inception in 2019. As part of its commitment to quality and reliability, Resilience Lab embarked on a testing project for its psychotherapy services platform.


When we started working on this project, there were 250 automated tests, which took 5 hours to execute. There was no test documentation (only project documentation related to the functionality and logic of elements).


Our task was to test the psychotherapy services platform, which enables interaction between psychotherapist doctors and clients. The testing process focused on validating system changes and introducing new elements to ensure the platform's functionality and reliability.



Execution time: nearly 250 automation tests took 5 hours to execute

Optimized tests framework and implementation of API scripts reduced test execution to 2.5 hours

Complex Psychotherapy Services Platform

Utilized a combination of manual and automated testing, including WebdriverIO and Postman to validate system changes and introduce new elements. The testing process focused on ensuring the platform's functionality and reliability

No documentation

Created test documentation, including a test plan (high and low level), checklists, test cases, test scenarios, and reports. This documentation improved communication and ensured thorough testing coverage

Complex Application Architecture with a Large Number of Endpoints

Created Test cases for the API testing using Postman, and some were automated using Axios


Our team employed cutting-edge technologies and tools to test the psychotherapy services platform.

Technologies and Tools Used:

  • TypeScript + WebdriverIO were used for Web Automation Functional Testing. 
  • Postman, BurpSuite Pro, and WebDriverIO with Axios were used for API Testing.
  • Allure Reporter integrated for generating reports.


  • Cost Savings through Automation: 330 test cases were created, of which over 300 have been automated. 
  • Speed and Coherence of Website Components: Conducted API testing and documented 11 API issues.  Our team optimized the test framework through the integration of API scripts, which ran for 2.5 hours after the implementation of API scripts. 
  • Thorough Validation after every change: A stack of tests was compiled for Smoke and Regression testing, ensuring comprehensive application functionality validation as part of the CI pipeline. This comprehensive approach guarantees the validation of application functionality, providing confidence in its stability and quality throughout the entire development lifecycle.
  • Systematizing the Quality Control Process: The project's documentation was created, including a test plan (high and specific level), a checklist, a test case template, 10 test scenarios for various CRM business processes, and a table of Roles accesses.

The combination of manual, automated, and API testing provides comprehensive quality, functionality, and stability testing of the application, ensuring confidence that the client will have a positive user experience.

The improved product quality increased productivity, cost savings, and improved customer satisfaction.


Documentation Preparation

Prepared test documentation, including test plans (high-level and specific level), checklists, test cases, test scenarios, and more. This documentation serves as a reference for the testing process.

Framework Selection and Test Environment Setup

Select suitable frameworks for test automation, such as WebdriverIO with TypeScript for web automation testing. Set up the testing environment, including the required tools and dependencies.

Test Framework Optimization

Integrated API scripts into the test framework to optimize and enhance the testing process.

Integration Tests Preparation and Execution

Testing the interaction and compatibility between different components or systems. Ensure that the necessary configurations, test data, and environments are set up for conducting integration tests effectively. The integration tests can be executed once the test environment is ready and the test cases are designed.

Creation and Execution of Smoke and Regression Tests Stack

Defined a stack of tests designed explicitly for Smoke testing, which aims to quickly identify critical issues and ensure the basic functionality of the framework. Conducted regression testing to verify that changes or updates to the framework do not introduce new defects or regress existing functionality.

Conduct API Testing

Performed API testing using tools like Postman, BurpSuite Pro, and Axios. Created test cases specific to API testing, focusing on verifying request/response handling, data integrity, error handling, and other relevant aspects.

Client's Review

To read the client's review, visit our profile on Clutch and click here.

Services provided
  • Manual testing
  • Regression testing
  • Functional testing
  • Automation testing
  • API testing
QA Technologies used
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