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Oct 25, 2023

Automated API testing for Qpilot






April 2023 - Present

Implementation time


QPilot is a company that develops solutions for automated and planned procurement of goods and services. Their tools make communicating with customers easy across multiple channels and devices, providing convenient scheduling, shipping, payment, and discount options. 


Before our specialist joined the project, manual tests were created, and unit tests were available, but no corresponding documentation existed. 


The main goal of our specialist was to automate existing test cases, particularly smoke and regression tests, as well as refactor and provide support for these cases. While working on the project, there were some challenges related to the unique features of the project. And we are happy to share this experience with you. 



The need to increase the speed of execution of tests 

Test performance was slow due to updating data and considering synergies between different APIs. The solution involved the simultaneous execution of multiple tests using multiple workstreams (workers).  
This optimized test execution time and ensured effective synchronization between APIs and their interaction. 

Lack of documentation on the Postman collection 

It was decided to extract all necessary API requests using the Playwright plugin. 

Load testing required a unique approach due to technical limitations and the impracticality of testing through the program 

Our specialist performed a load test through an Excel file imported into the admin panel with appropriate access. This allowed the system to be tested for maximum load during the testing process and ensured optimal performance and reliability under load. 


The project used JavaScript and the Playwright library for automated testing. Axios was used to interact with asynchronous HTTP requests and web services. 

In particular, an essential part of testing was API testing. Our specialists created and executed HTTP requests to various API methods, verifying the correctness of the returned responses and status codes. Playwright helped us focus on automating web elements and interacting with browsers, providing a convenient way to implement test scenarios. 


A significant portion of the functionality was closely associated with transaction processing and payment handling. Consequently, testing was approached with a high level of attention and caution, ensuring precision and security in financial operations. 

In addition, the application had integration with various banks, which required a specific approach to the testing process. It was necessary to verify the correctness of the interaction of the program with various banking systems to ensure smooth operation and reliability of functions related to financial transactions. 


  • The tests' coverage of 95% of the functionality has greatly increased the project's reliability and quality assurance.
  • 8 bug reports have been created, indicating that our QA team has successfully identified and documented several issues in the software product. This helps developers clearly understand where problems exist and helps to fix them quickly. 
  • API testing has been performed to ensure that all system functions interact correctly and meet the specified requirements. 
  • UI testing has been conducted, providing the client with a comprehensive understanding of the user interface’s usability, aesthetics, and overall functionality. 
  • Load testing allows the customer to determine how their software performs under load and ensure system reliability and optimal performance.
Services provided
  • Manual testing
  • Smoke testing
  • Regression testing
  • Functional testing
  • Automation testing
  • UI/UX testing
  • Performance testing
  • API testing
QA Technologies used
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