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Jul 27, 2023

Quality Control for Real Estate Project Pre Appraisals

Real estate

Mobile Web App




May 2022 - Jul 2022

Implementation time


Pre Appraisals project that offers customers help with rent, buying, or selling their houses. This project has a website with Customer, Admin, and Agent flows. Customers can book a call and request an evaluation with direct payments.


The project before was without any documentation except designed screens in Adobe XD. Also, there was no tester on the project.


Luxe Quality provided an experienced QA to conduct manual testing on the project, which was necessary and essential to verify the software system's functionality, performance, and reliability.



Short term for testing, lack of documentation. 

Tested based on experience and only manually. 

The application should work equally well on different platforms and browsers. 

The project tested on 3 common browsers (Firefox, Chrome, and Safari) with the latest versions and 5 latest before last for Firefox, Chrome, and 2 latest before last for Safari. Also, testing was provided with more than 5 phones and tablets with different scale and browser versions. 

No testing documentation 

Checklists were created for every platform and browser as the fastest and most convenient documenting method.   


  • Since the testing was only manual, Adobe XD compared the expected result with the actual. 
  • Mobile versions of Firefox, Chrome, and Safari were used for testing, as well as mobile devices on Android and iOS platforms.  
  • Load, performance, and stress testing was conducted with k6.  
  • Based on the requirements, this project used exploratory testing and testing based on checklists. 


  • More than 220 issue tickets were reported over. These tickets covered a range of severity levels, with a significant number categorized as Major, Critical/Blockers, and Minor issues.  
  • A large number of UX/UI features was improved with the help of provided testing. The functional side made it possible to improve the user flow, which contributed to increased conversions and continued use of the application.
  • 3 common browsers were used (Firefox, Chrome, and Safari) on 5 different mobile devices, which ensures that the user will have a positive experience on most platforms.

We tested the user interface and functionality of the site as extensively as possible, pointing out bugs that could subsequently lead to the loss of users.



The first step was getting to know Pre Appraisals and their project. The customer wanted manual testing to ensure the smooth functioning of the mobile web app. 

Creating a plan for testing 

Based on the analyzed data, it was decided to conduct experience-based testing and create checklists. 

Approval of testing approach

Maintained direct communication with the client and the team for practical cooperation. The checklist has been improved based on ongoing discussions and feedback. 


Functional, UI/UX, Performance, Usability, Cross-browser and Cross-platform testing were perfomed manualy. 


A bug report was made about any incorrect or unusual functional behavior issues. UI/UX issues that were not in line with best practices were also identified. 

Test support

Regression testing has been done with every release to ensure that previously working features remain intact. 

By following these testing procedures, we helped the client create a robust website providing a seamless user experience for real estate clients. 

Services provided
  • Manual testing
  • Functional testing
  • Usability testing
  • Performance testing
  • Cross-browser testing
  • Cross-platform testing
QA Technologies used
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