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Nov 9, 2023

QC process for K2

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United Kingdom


Sep 2021 - Present

Implementation time


K2 is a global provider of moving and mobility services. The company specializes in individual solutions for international moves. Our QA specialist provided services specifically for the K2 internal administration web application.


Implementation of updates was tested manually. This process was carried out by the project manager's assistant or the project manager himself. All the necessary information was available on ZenHub and GitHub. Simple tickets were used to track tasks. However, there was no structured description of the problems in the form of a bug report.


The main task of our specialist was to conduct manual tests with possible further automation. He was also responsible for writing test scripts, creating defect reports, and overall product quality control. However, specific challenges arose during the work, which we would like to share with you.



The application has undergone numerous changes, making manual testing too slow to cover all functionality

After major project changes, there was no organized retesting process to check the operability of the changed functional blocks. All checks were carried out manually. Therefore, a proposal was made to introduce automated tests. This resulted in quick and reliable verification of changes and reduced the risk of errors

The bug reports had an incomplete structure and an unclear template, prolonging the bug-fixing process

It was proposed to expand the format of bug reports by adding attachments. This improved the developers' understanding of the issues and enhanced communication.This approach simplified the debugging process and increased the efficiency of error elimination

Creating an autotest with numerous preliminary steps resulted in errors at the initial stages affecting the final result

It was decided to implement step-by-step checks for each preliminary step to prevent further errors


During work on the project, the following technologies were used: 

  • TypeScript was chosen to support typed code, which provides higher-quality test creation. 
  • WebdriverIO made it possible to interact with web elements and ensure the application's stability. 
  • Mocha allowed to structure and manage tests with high flexibility. 
  • GitHub Actions was used to build, update, and automatically deploy code. 
  • ZenHub, the functionality of which made it possible to manage tasks in the testing process. 

All these tools have been carefully selected to ensure successful project testing. 


Efforts were made to create automated tests for various conditions and with different input data. The necessity to test unique elements of the project, such as specific fields for selecting dates and times, was also identified. To address this issue, universal test scenarios were developed andadapted to various input data and environments.


  • More than 700 test cases were automated, which gave the client a significant increase in efficiency and accuracy in the testing process. 
  • More than 200 bugs were found. Subsequent fixes to these bugs have improved the user experience and increased the reliability and stability of the product. 
  • High work efficiency. During our specialist's work on the project, a new functionality for creating complex letters for customers was tested, which is now used by managers and allows them to save a lot of time when forming an order. 
  • UI testing was carried out, which allowed our client to be confident that his product meets the highest user interface standards. 
  • Significant rise in resolved bug reports: During the work of our specialist on the project, the number of bug reports that were successfully resolved and ready for implementation increased significantly. 

Services provided
  • Manual testing
  • Smoke testing
  • Regression testing
  • Functional testing
  • Automation testing
  • UI/UX testing
QA Technologies used
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