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Sep 22, 2023

QA automation for an Online Real Estate Platform

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May 2021 - Present

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InspectHOA is a technology company that helps real estate market participants (realtors, developers, brokers, investors, etc.) save time and money on real estate transactions. The company offers a platform that simplifies collecting and analyzing information about HOA, which helps customers make more informed buying and selling decisions.


Before we arrived, the QA team consisted of full-time manual and automated testers. With the further development of the product, the task arose to automate manual testing fully. Luxe Quality provided its experienced QA automation engineer to advise and assist the testers who were already there.

Initially, only cooperation in the exchange of experience was conceived. But in the end, improving the site's productivity trough automation led to the decision to hire our specialist asoutstaff.




Intermittent resolution and display issues on diverse screens posed a significant challenge for the project.

We implemented an innovative solution by integrating automated tests that continuously monitored screen resolutions.

At this stage of development, it was critical to keep track of previous issues and report them as soon as possible.

The automatic system was configured with generating a detailed bug report for the development team when inconsistencies were detected.

Create a script in async mode

The client had ready scripts in sync mode but needed to convert these scripts to async mode. His QA engineer couldn't do it. We converted these scripts to the client's needs.


After the implementation of test automation in InspectHOA, the customer received the following:

  • Testing time was reduced by 50% resulting in cost savings 
  • 15+ critical bugs found and fixed that could lead to software crashes. 
  • The number of bugs and software failures has significantly reduced, improving user satisfaction and security. 


In testing the InspectHOA project, various technologies and tools were utilized:

  • Chrome DevTools: Used for analyzing page elements, testing adaptability on various devices, and monitoring performance.  
  • Pytest: Employed to create and run automated tests, organize test cases, and manage parameterized tests.  
  • Playwright: Automated interactions with interface elements, simulated user actions, and allowed for precise in-browser checks. . 

Combining these technologies streamlined the testing process. Chrome DevTools aided in analysis and debugging, Pytest simplified test creation and management, while Playwright automated real browser interactions, ensuring comprehensive functionality and responsiveness testing

Services provided
  • Regression testing
  • Automation testing
QA Technologies used
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