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Jul 27, 2023

Quality Assurance with API Testing for Hodlnaut






May 2021 – Jul 2021

Implementation time


Hodlnaut is a financial platform specializing in crypto currency services. The overall goal of Hodlnaut is to provide simple and convenient financial tools to manage cryptocurrency assets and optimize their use. By combining savings and loans on their platform, Hodlnaut helps users generate income and maximize the potential of their cryptocurrency assets.


The product has already been released to the market. The testing process by the test team did not take place. Developers and project managers conducted E2E testing using BDD. The documentation was described in the form of block diagrams of user stories.


For the successful completion of the project, it was necessary to engage an experienced tester responsible for conducting E2E automated testing on various mobile devices to ensure the mobile application's reliable functionality.

However, in the work process, specific aspects arose, which will be discussed below. 



The application was structured with many different API circles on which the functionality was based.

Provided API and integration testing for checking with different geolocations and user verification methods

The need for corrections of visual inaccuracies in the application 

Writing unique identifiers for front-end components so that they can be interacted with using autotests and tests are more stable, setting up the compilation of the mobile application into a test version 

No documentation 

Writing flowcharts to display automation, flowcharts with business logic, and user stories 


The Typescript with WebdriverIO and Appium were used to automate testing. BrowserStack was used for testing on different devices. Postman was helpful for API test creation and performance. GitHub Actions was chosen for continuous integration, and Allure helped with reporting.  

Developers performed unit testing, and our tester did integration testing. 


During the testing, certain features arose related to the presence of a cryptocurrency wallet. This meant functionality related to cryptocurrency transactions, such as storage, transfer, and exchange, had to be thoroughly tested. This aspect requires special attention since inaccuracy or a mistake when working with cryptocurrencies can seriously affect users. 

In addition, the application had a large number of authentication mechanisms. This included various ways to identify users, such as entering a password and two-step authentication. Each of these mechanisms had to be thoroughly tested to ensure safety and convenience for users. 

The application also had integration with banks, which required a unique approach to testing. It was necessary to check the correct interaction of the application with various banking systems and ensure that all financial transactions were performed correctly and safely. 


  • 70 bug reports were created: our specialist identified and documented these issues and contacted the developers to fix them quickly. 
  • Tests cover 90% of functionality: A comprehensive suite of automated and manual tests covers nearly 90% of the core functionality, ensuring faster and more efficient testing and reducing the risk of bugs in production after changes.
  • API testing: this type of work was successfully carried out and became a critical stage for ensuring quality and security in cryptocurrency and interaction with banks. This made it possible to check the correctness and reliability of data exchange between different systems and to ensure their security.  
  • Usability testing: many tests were carried out that improved the convenience and ease of use of the product for end users. It always helps to convert users into regular users.
Services provided
  • Manual testing
  • Smoke testing
  • Regression testing
  • Functional testing
  • Automation testing
  • Usability testing
  • API testing
QA Technologies used
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