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Aug 30, 2023

Collaboration for Successful Solutions in the Fintech Industry


Web, Mobile




Apr 2023 - Present

Implementation time

About Company

CardRight is a fintech company based in the USA specializing in financial services. Their primary focus is managing credit cards and all related credits, bonuses, and benefits. They offer an online portfolio where users can add credit cards and easily track their data.


When we started working on this project, there needed to be documentation. Our task was to assist in creating documentation, including Technical Requirements, User Cases, and Test Cases, and conduct manual and automated testing.




The absence of a predefined format for bug reports on the project

Implemented a standardized bug reporting form to streamline bug fixing process

The project has undergone limited testing, so expanding its coverage was necessary

Performed regression testing (manually) and automated test cases

No documentation

Created  documentation (Technical requirements, User Cases, test cases)

Technologies, Tools, and Approaches

  • Our team utilized TypeScript as the automation language for writing automated tests.
  • The framework chosen for automation was Playwright, which provided a reliable and efficient way to interact with web applications.
  • The development environment for automation tasks was WebStorm IDE.
  • Following the Page Object Model approach makes the automation code more readable, reusable, and easier to maintain. It promotes code reusability and reduces duplication, as each page or component has its class that encapsulates the elements, actions, and verifications related to that specific page or component.

Features of the Project

The project focused on developing software solutions in the financial sector, specifically related to banking and financial organizations. In light of this, our team employed a specialized approach to handle financial data, utilizing the Page Object Model approach. This approach enhances the automation code's readability, reusability, and maintenance. The project is still active and undergoing continuous development, with further improvements and results expected.


  • Approximately 250 bug reports were created: to highlight and address various issues and defects in the application.
  • Improved application usability and design elements: We conducted usability and design testing, uncovering specific issues that were promptly addressed in collaboration with the development team. This project work improved the application's overall user-friendliness and visual appeal.
  • One hundred twenty-two test cases were written: to cover different functional scenarios and ensure comprehensive testing coverage.
  • Seventy-nine test cases were automated: Out of the 122, 79 were automated. It reduced the time and costs of manual testing while giving the confidence that we would receive all checks.


Analysis and Planning

  • Understood the project requirements and goals.
  • Determined the project's scope and timeline.

 Preparation of Necessary Documentation

  • Created project documentation, including technical requirements and test cases.
  • Assessed the quality of the product's design and functionality.

Testing and Development Strategy

  • Conducted evaluation based on thorough research and documentation.
  • Discussed findings with the team and formulated a testing and development strategy.

Ongoing Monitoring and Support

  • Provided regular updates, bug fixes, and technical support for the implemented solution.
  • Addressed issues or bugs and provided timely resolutions.
Services provided
  • Manual testing
  • Smoke testing
  • Regression testing
  • Automation testing
QA Technologies used
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