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Mar 04, 2024

Automation Testing for Booking Company






Aug 2022 - Present

Implementation time


We’ve partnered with a company that develops technological solutions for hotels and guest services. Their innovative solutions help hotels manage reservations and enhance their online presence by providing best-in-class solutions. 


Before our specialist joined the project, the testing process was not carried out, and documentation was also skipped. The developers were engaged in integration testing and writing module tests. 


On this project, our expert was responsible for automating critical scenarios, developing core functional components, writing test cases, implementing automation, setting up the CI/CD system, compiling reports, and ensuring the smooth operation of end-to-end processes.  

However, several difficulties arose while performing these tasks, which we would like to present and discuss. 



The project featured software code optimized for handling diverse scenarios through efficient logical operations. 

  • Developed automated tests for the most crucial operations. 
  • Utilized parameterization for different inputs. 
  • Employed version control and detailed documentation as primary tools for order and organization. 
  • This strategy enabled the tester to manage a large volume of work and guarantee high-quality testing. 

A lot of difficult-to-access elements, lack of ID or classes 

The solution to this problem was a systematic approach to testing, developing alternative identification methods, and improving the code structure. 


The project used several technologies and tools that helped to achieve high-quality testing: 


TypeScript: TypeScript was used to create automated test scripts. 


Playwright: Playwright was a tool for automated testing of web applications, and it integrated with TypeScript.


Allure: Allure was used to generate automated test results reporting. After executing Playwright-based test scenarios, test results and error case data were transferred to Allure to generate easy-to-understand, interactive reports.

This integration of technologies provided effective testing and tracking of the project status and allowed prompt responses to identified problems. 


The project had a unique structure consisting of two main components: an administrative panel and a website for booking services. One of the critical features of this project was the need to adjust the flexible interaction between each component of the website. Each component had unique settings and parameters, and preventing errors or confusion when interacting with them was essential. 

This project feature required our specialist to thoroughly check and test every aspect of the settings and interactions between individual components. He had to ensure that each unit of the booking site correctly perceived and processed its unique parameters, ensuring reliable and uninterrupted system operation. This required great attention to detail and a deep understanding of the specifications of each component. 


  • More than 100 bug reports were successfully created, which allowed us to identify and correct various flaws and problems, ensuring a high level of quality and reliability of the software product. 
  • More than 200 test cases were created, providing a reliable basis for testing the product's functionality. This ensured that all aspects of the program were tested against requirements and specifications, ensuring flawless product performance. 
  • Extensive UI testing was conducted, resulting in significant improvements to the product's internal and external appearance. 
Services provided
  • Manual testing
  • Smoke testing
  • Regression testing
  • Functional testing
  • Automation testing
  • UI/UX testing
QA Technologies used
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