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Luxe Quality is a company that provides quality assurance services. We help businesses add value and rethink their business through the timely detection of bugs in your product.

Our Mission

We know that any business depends on the reliability and effectiveness of your product, which is why we ensure strict quality control at all stages of the project. The company is focused on your needs and working closely with partners to achieve their goals. This allows us to offer customized solutions that reflect the uniqueness of your business.

When you choose a Luxe Quality Team, you receive a partner who guarantees the highest quality and values your success.
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Luxe Quality In Facts & Numbers

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Our History

QAs community
We started as a community of automation QAs, created for support, experience, and knowledge sharing.
UpWork registration
Our community has grown and registered as a company on Upwork.
New services
Due to the increase in demand for testers in the IT services market, the team was replenished with new specialists, expanding the scope of their knowledge and experience.
Training program
We started our own specialists' training. Thus the community increased three times.
Own product
The development of our product began, and developers and designers supplemented the team.
Company growth
The company is officially registered as a legal entity, and at the same time, the number of employees has doubled. Also, we improved approaches to training, structured and systematized educational processes, and reorganized the mentor's department.
New marketing
We continue intensive work towards the company's development and work out and implement approaches based on the current situation in world markets.
AI-Enhanced Solutions
This year, we've adopted AI tools to optimize our testing services, leading to more intelligent workflows and enhanced operational excellence.

Our Team

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Our Leadership

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Vadym Morozov
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Volodymyr Klymenko
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Leonid Mayevskiy

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